Dear Maa, Thank you

Dear maa!

I can never forget the smell of your Skin, anywhere I go I search for the same smell, no lady ever came to me with the same fragrance, you never use a artificial deodorant, the same kind of soap that we use but I never smell familiar to yours, not a bit.

Maa, when things were tough you have given me million reasons to be stronger, you made me a nice person, to the extent that I see and could feel, I am a kind version of a volcano.

My stupid demands and your tasty food, to add more let it be a rain too. The smell of the coffee in the room and those night stories. My ears always desire for your voice.

Every time you go on your trip or to nano’s home, this house of bricks shout a lot. You call me everyday, ask me about how monetary my friends are to me. I love it when they love you more than me.

All those days of IIT coaching and I know you have waited for me days after days in that hot burning sun and the final day of the result. How distressed I had become those days but you knew what to do. You gave me my world full of happiness and there is nothing that I can do for you to normalise them.

I know what I mean to you and what other of my monster siblings mean to you, we love you maa, to the core of everything. It was you who gave me courage to think and work differently, you gave me advices from your treasure of knowledge, from the general science to advance medicines, whatever I know, it’s because of you.

Even when I came back home fearing that all the mess I have created would displease you but you reacted in very different way. I am hopeful now.

After what I got when I came back home after a year long list of complaints I believe it’s the best thing that could happen to me.

I found my love back in my life, I finally completed my book and it’s in the publishing, I am joining new college for my higher studies and you never forced me with the rules.

Thank you maa! Thank you so much.

My cellphone broke and you gave me a new from your savings, I haven’t started to earn yet but I know when I will do it again I will bring you back all the comfort you have sacrificed for us. I just can’t wait to look myself in the podium of success like you have imagined. I am not sure of my future but as long as you are with me I know I have the best kind of life.

Thank you maa! Thank you so much.

Love you millions of way


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