Key in the holes

” Can I tell you something! Life’s pretty demanding, each time I trespass this longing I come back to you. The similar feeling run across my vein, I am just making counting memories to turn them into infinite.

Back to infinity where we belong, together.

How often do we make promises and how long do we follow them.

All such nights when light was the only visible thing, I was looking up to you and you were smiling, I am still smiling at what you think lives in me. It’s all surrounded by us and making great promises I want to stay in you. Apart from greater possibilities there are lesser chances of us to remain in same form but we will find ways to reunite. The universe will help

If there is something in the world that eats itself is that one feeling I can feel about you not being around.

I am wandering on those lanes we visited few hours ago, your blush remains in my cheek and to remain faithful I haven’t washed my face. To be yours is the most amazing feeling, to be in you is that amazing sign.

We must maintain each other like this, forever is a small thing.


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