The morning chai and newspaper!!

We have a vendor, started his business few years ago, from the very first day I have been watching him sell CHAI, an Indian supplement for drug and anti depression. I don’t know what ingredients actually falls into the subject but his tastes better than what I make. A small corner of unhygienic platform turned around to be a bran today. Everyone know the TAPARI named by him. 

What coincidence of finding that today, i was heading back from my morning walk, small breathing and durability of running so long after a long.

A lot of things were running my head but only thing which I faced was the new paper, a single roll of newspaper and commentary passing through the table. 

Secularism and liberation was being discussed and a lot of topic followed like how woman cricket finally was making its place. Fascinating I thought, I have always imagined my country by this. I have always made many efforts but what was happening today was effortless. 

The AnNa recognised me, greeted me with a smile and offered me a small cup of tea. Reminding me of my college days! Beautiful. I took a sip of his tea and memories ran across my mind. Suddenly I was taken back to the days when I used to come there with Bhaiya and dragon.

‘ aur bitto kya kar rahi ho ajkal? Aur bhaiya kaha hai’ asked he!

Escalating towards him I asked ‘ Mujhe pehchan gaye aap?’ 

‘ arey apke bhaiya ke bhut upkar hai apki bahut baat karte hai, apka phuto dikhate the aur kehte hai bahut fakra hai aap paar, ek din collector banwayenge apko ‘ amused at the sentence a stream of tears ran my eyes but I controlled.

‘ thik hai Anna bahar Gaye hai padhai aage karne ‘

‘ aur padhenge ‘ he was shocked.

‘ haan’ I laughed too.

‘ unhone mujhe bhi padhna sikhaya tha!’ Proudly said he.

Small things which I have missed while I was driving myself crazy into the crops of illusions. A sense of relief that my brother have set a great example for me. A sense of happiness that people still have heart.

I ran back to home just to find that he had dropped me a Rakhi gift and have a strict note on to open it only at the day. 

Excited that I am looking at the box and guessing. I have buzzed me countless times to tell me what is inside that but he won’t.  He never does.

I am sitt gn in front of his picture in my room, missing him and remembering the headlines of newspaper and the taste of CHAI in my tongue.

Hold and let go!

Slow but yet needed!

Let go. 

Swiftly and politely!

Let that go, break the strings of Past, break the beaker that holds grudges, silently move towards your life and leave behind anything which seeks you out. 

Slow down. Let go.

Snatch the strings, breakfree, stop thinking and start doing, there is only happiness everywhere and that’s what you should always believe.

Love and surrender.

The real pleasure in life is this moment talk as much as you can, let go and initiate conversation that last longer! 

Let go

From the leap of past

  • People come again and again to our lives, suddenly with the sense of having a strong connection because that’s where our lives meet, we do have a purpose in this earth and that is to understand our existence.
  • While upon this earth there is a reason why things happen that way even if we don’t want to understand it but we know.
  • We must run fast so as to slow down whenever needed and significantly no sum of ratio could bring us the fun each moment holds.
  • When we leave we leave everything, so I have left everything behind me which was not seeking me to my life’s greatest pleasure of smallest things. It was hard but then I have left 7 digit salary job to find the happiness in smallest things.
  • We return to this plane when needed.
  • Every relationship is memory, unless we want to make best out of it, it is never going to get better.
  • While that remains in my mind something else remains with me, it’s the love. I am fortunate to have a family and friends who are insignificantly awesome.
  • Love is not choice it’s necessary.
  • Forgiveness solves most of the queries!!


‘ I am angry, I am very very angry from you, that justifies’ I wanted to confront him while he asked why I was keeping distance from him. It is really easy for him to understand ‘why’ yet he will demand the explaination that I would never want to say. It triggers the lost emotions within me about the unsaid stories. 

Things could have been really different between us if instead of trying to push me to my limits he would have encouraged me, while had empathy towards few of my life’s issues. I would have been easy for him to understand but that’s not his mistake, my own capabilities to love myself was always under checked. When I finally got this substitution of life I am wondering if there would be another kind of loyalty. Propel and make promises. Towards the many significant stories only senseless journey that seems is yet to arrive but that would be better, living simply the life of senseless emotional variances.


How do we specify our lives? Through the unseen passages or the paths not taken, I wonder how much we can do in a single life or we can do everything in a single task. Sometimes hard to accept but when the first brushes of rain falls on to the skin and the detox wind soak out the unwanted stress it begins the series of never ending series of memories. To these lanes when the bikes have passed without clever calculations of the future. Where we have always fit in without wondering who would recognise us, it’s very hard to tell which one hurts more, not finding same person on the roads or not finding the same person in them again. I have felt this deep and understanding association of life and the connection which binds us. The period when only you should know what to do without explaining to others about its restoration. There are ways on how we define life, slowly and precisely and then suddenly. Slow pace of life’s energy has something very specific and important it stays with us and we keep on making things one by one on our memories. How do we allow others to set those goals for us which seems unrealistic and unreasonable. Altogether we don’t require this life to set forth those margins but we need this life to set forth ourselves. Those heights of survival and the moment when I thought there would be no more happy days ever again I have survived and that’s where I define myself from the hardest to the best. Today it’s the day when all my hard work pays, living in all kind of edges I could I have finally achiv d it, found the way and the best part is I am aware who I should share this life with. Finally I have got courage to say NO to unwanted people and situations, it was hard but somewhere I have to feel myself again and with so much smell around it wasn’t easy. Now it’s time to decide which one would deliberately make a best fit for me, even if the anger do not vigour to leave the love must propel and this life is all that I have and no matter how much everyone expects from me, I have this whole thing called life to decide itself what it wants! I am ready for all kind of shits but yet I have promised myself to take back the journey from where we have started. 

Challenges which brings us closer

No matter how much you try to hide

How long and how high may be the ride

We make our best efforts to sublime the conversation 

And one day we all meet somewhere.

This world of sciences and physics is so natural and abundant

I follow up the marker and all the assigned task

While on the play life is conventional 

The more I push the more it reveals

Life is alternate and executive

I allow the natural flow of energy and it justifies

How much to the single core of livelihood 

We all make some significance in this planet

And we come back again and again

I believe that there is something really important with this day

When if I follow my own rail and come back again

What would I remember about myself in this place

This birth of mine is very much illustrative and I am happy being made!


Allow me to kiss your wound with the same kind of affection that you seek, allow me to find a little more in you because I know where you belong in this tide, through the nights of disasters till where you have reached I know the journey has been really tight. Who you are and what you pretend to be is a completely new story, I can sense the pain and yet I find myself helpless in designing you in the same, you are a pure being and you make me fly to the rescue. Slowly and effortlessly let me get into our life, touch your hands and heal your life. Looking at you with the same kind of feeling that inside of me gives me reasons to try some another day but I am afraid, where will this lead.


‘Sometimes I wish if you could read my mind without me entering to the core of explanations with the effective solution to the Madrid where the history is mandatory to reach the present. All I could do is to wait or move on, maybe someday things would force you to turn back, sit with my memories and narrate it. Maybe someday when you will understand that my presence was not just a coincidence. I am not sure what should I ask for this moment; I am not sure about the things I am surrounded by. I might have needed you the most but you were late to recognize the beauty in my heart. All my life I have been listening to this and I am tired. Don’t know if the time was bothering me the more or just the science of farewell with the frequency. I am rather irritated but that’s alright because somewhere I have the casual breathing pattern, I wall survive with the velocity.’

To everyone who is struggling with the Identity


For the kids who are not good enough in academics to score the highest, given the fact only one can have the highest they are good in other things, there is nothing wrong in being good at other things other than academics. We don’t see but there is lots of pressure on the people who couldn’t reach to that highest, life consequently throws them with the situation where they will have to compete with their own friends, people, and family. They want to prove because the satisfaction lacks their veins, they need approval. Not everyone is brave to accept themselves. They want to be praised and ignorance is not the answer to their work.
Constantly there is a fear that they might lose their job, they might lose their partner just because they could never file the highest during school. Not anybody body’s fault though.
We must understand that an artist is as good as a doctor and the difference in their salaries is purely on the capability, there is nothing wrong in being something which brings happiness, happiness follows success and it follows fame and financial security. I can count on you people not being doctors or engineers but they are happy, earn better and are living. From the very sense of duty, all those are strong must pay sympathy towards them. Kids who are in this range are now adults or may become one someday, they share common signs, there is constant need for attention, they are full of anger, they want things to be done and all that they desire is the world to revolve around them, it doesn’t make them happy though but their ego is fed.
The world is full of them, from me to you; all of us are struggling with our identity. We must not run, we must heal each other to grow, not that it will slow down the economy, the world belongs to us, it consists of us, even if that makes a pace difference nothing will change but the peace inside. There is no need to bother with other people, the change must start from inside.
For a moment let us just significantly slow down, walk a bit and recognize what have we done to ourselves and others to reach here and where it will take us?
If we feel that this is eternal bliss and must follow us to other life, I must remind you that we will have to start again, give a thought what do we want to follow.