Tujhe dekha meine aaj tumhe

Aaj ankho me Ansu the par mere hoton pe muskan

Kyuki aaj dard jara kam hua

Pehle jab kal tak tumhe yaad karti thi

Kuch to andar chubhta tha

Dhere dhere Kat Mujhe

Mera Wajood mujhse chupta tha

Fir meine bhulaya tujhe

Bhuke sard raton me meine tujhe Pukara

Na tu aya na Teri yadein gayi

Meine mujhko tujhme dhundna band kar diya

Tab jake Mujhe Sokoon aya

Dhere dhere dil ne mere khudme rehna sikh liya

Ab bhi kuch yad to ati hogi

Par dard nahi hoga, ab tere andar na Mein aur na mere andar tu hoga


Sit here, closer to me

Sit here, closer to me

Hold me into your eyes and soak in

Look through my soul tell me where do you see the hurt

Heal it ! Heal it! And let it go

I am sorry that sometimes I skip

I am sorry that sometimes it’s hard to bid

I am sorry because I don’t know any other word of regret

Look, listen and just stay!

This wide night and undoubted fights,

Trust in me, tell me something more ,

Stay near me and let me feel the life

While the dawn settled a bit , my mind wandering wider and wilder. There are numerous days I have linked those thoughts together but before they could tell me their moral I had left.

Today when these pool of feelings are over crowding my brain I remain silent and adequate. I know that happiness is an inside business but what wrong could it go with an outside track. I solemnly look and draw few lines of gratitude and then abide with the fact that few things will always remain fictional.

One logical truth behind the curtains always remained silent unless that day when someone asked him what’s wrong with him.

Saturated lives doesn’t allow us to configure much, somehow there are exceptions but when we don’t curtail our needs we might be behaving anti social.

Today when someone held him closer he understood that a piece of him wanted her to stay closer. The warmth was very specific and initiative. She became a part of his every day thoughts and he was trying to stay away.

Past , no matter what always walked but he knew that even if the winds might blow other way around love finds the way…

On some beauty day

On some beautiful day I met my girl all muddy and messed but her beauty was already flawless in her clean eyes. She was visibly shining beyond someone could know and her very presence was alteration of personification. Everyday there were enough noise around me but today everything was visibly blurred and I heard only few words I unknown to my world. I heard her.

Defining every possible way she was some how perfect but my friends said she isn’t my type. I have already un- friended them.

Today my world seems complete with her, just two of us and we haven’t decided the name of our new existence. To the top of everything I am trying to find my own significance.

Behind the curtains when her visible blurred shiny hair twinkled my whole life’s gathered courage just dumped and dimmed itself to negligence.

Throughout my life I have wondered what missed my small portion of ego, it was alternative and very precise- she!

To top up my bloody desperation she was ignoring every possible fact of my existence, I haven’t felt more concerned of my presence before. She couldn’t look into my eye while in her hurry. She was continuously threshing her anger and I was……

To be continued …..

Yun to

Thoda dard samet lene de

Teri yaad me sisak lene de

Yun to huye hai dariya char

Jara Gaur se dard ko Mehsus hone de

Kya Gaur thi us baat me ki gair bhi gair hua

Apne kaha gairo ki ginti me ate hai

Sukun bhar ki wo ratein thi bas

Jara us aur bhi gair farmane de

Jis koshish se tu na sath reh saka

Us koshish ko aaj Jane dene de

Yun khawbo me na aya kar beinteham

Jara mere khawabo ko to mera rehne de

Do pal sans lu itni dua kar

Ab to Mujhe apne liye jeene de

Ab to Mujhe apne liye jeene de


Mostly it’s the fear which keeps us apart else everything is normally settled out. There are ways in which we deal things sometimes unknowingly and sometimes intentionally. Which is the right thing is not merely a question which should be right for us is!

Even that looks weird at the moment but when we get and grab our bites the real taste doesn’t sound the same wAy. We are familiarising the very own business , The Self Business!

Putting the chords and cutting the chords are infinite duty and cleaning on them all the time is ours.

So the love is not just a story it is resolution. When we could find ourselves back to the home again and again. When there is so much that a heart wants one can find it surround itself with variety of juggles. Let’s sort this and find our ways.

Decide not choose !

Let’s not decide anything or fall into promises. Let’s be royal and not dwell into anybody’s thoughts or feeling. It’s a beautiful life with no boundaries and let’s not just fall into trap. Indeed there is so much around and we will have to decide what to choose.

The hands and claws which tricks you down let it show and search for you . You will have to judge in between the Claus. Silence may help you but when you speak you have got the power let the effective OM trespass your heart and hit the area. Who could decide your future let not settle and decide it’s just a minimum life and there is lot to discover.

Decide not choose !

Yours strength to your way

They will pull your kneel, they will snatch your jeans

They will scrath your face and shatter your dreams

They who exists in your invisible form will do you harm

And they will do everything that would kill you indeed

Thwart yourself out of your own meridian

Think of a single thought of powerful ray

Open your eyes and close them again

Slap yourself before you slap THEM

Up your shoulder before your chin and open the flood gates

Forgiveness inside your heart and revenge on mind

Show them the beautiful strength that your hold inside

Punch them, bite them, and tear them apart

Kill them till they find their way again