You might be wondering my escape but when you look through me through you, a part of me always and always look through it. It magnifies and I turn that excitement into stories.

To your all crazy stupid ideas I have wondered everything is already so gorgeous and important. I feel that a part of me still resists this extra cheesy love but beautiful things are hardest to beat and my opinion about it would always survive.

Here are few significant points, I had always measured great deal of happiness and you have surrounded evenly ziggies!

Hey you, just in case you wanted to hear, I love you! I so so do!!


Unknown enemies

Firing from everywhere

Unknown to the fact

They shower their curse

And they hinder and stretch

You can feel that,

You can feel that unknown hands around you

Around your chest revolves the unknown cult

You have been hexed and axed

You can sense that wide unknown rule

What do you do? Do you stay and feel it continue to grow? Or just wait for it to slow

You take no chance, you get to your race

You hold the knife and cut the flex

You throw the remote and hold grab the neck

You push it, scramble it and crush the head

You have got the power sweetly, you are brave

Brace your level and play

Be the knife and the sword

Be the king and the horse

Run your way and do the gain

Let none find you weak and let no one know your pain

You are a happy little song shine and bright

Bring the damn goodness down and pray

Love love

Everything changed , earlier it used to be different and easy. I never had to force myself to wake up and take up but now it is hideous to take breakfast, run to the office. Everything is changed.

All of a sudden the dusk is rusting

And fear crawls up to the hives

Slowly and it maintains what it showers

All the way down!

To create another virtual reality,

It takes a lot to understand

What have I done to culminate that

I wonder where it began

When it will end

Something is changed, everything used to be different!!

Letter to the unknown

Oh dear,

Energy ball out there, you have been very intimating with my dreams lately. You come to my dreams have my ice creams and giggle. I shop with you play with you but unknown to the fact I haven’t seen you yet.

I feel that very beautiful sensation going in my head reaching my heart taking parts of happiness and turning adrenaline to reach each part of my body through veins receiving and sending chemical signals creating chemical bond

You are quite amazing because you make me happy. You help me think twice about my life and release the anger and rage of the day.

I would like too see your face so that I can search you in the crowd and tell you all about our unseen conversations. I would like to explore a bit more and that’s why I sleep quite now a days. People think I am just neglecting the reality but who knows what’s real indeed.

You will have to believe me because I think if love is to feel good about someone, I feel love is in us now.

Would be waiting for you to show up in this dimension soon!!

Another lie

we have built this cocoon of growing up into someone else without the pain,

You and I have decided that our paths are different,

Look into my eyes do it shines like before?

Because it has lost you, not just your love but all of you!

One fine night I counted the stars, you were missing and no one knew how!

You came back and stayed, my heart know but when and where is unknown!

Our incomparable love will stay and always stay but how to find it back is coherent

I have supposedly taken my own flicks, turning everywhere while I sleep, I have taken jams to survive

But I have found a little about us again, to take and write about it, I have made funny existence and allowed the stars to enter

Somewhere in between is he story unknown and glory, someone would find us again, do the purpose and survive

I know that would be hard to define but when we choose to love, we choose to decide!!

Why I chose to blog

I chose to blog because I wanted to be famous.

Just kidding!

I chose blogging because I wanted to explore my deepest fears, I wanted to talk about my insecurities so that my internal strength could develop.

Me as a human has flaws and to be a human is an error unless we have a robo chip inside of us.

I carried out my studies locally because local and regional always had honest things because it’s available and raw unlike other elements available. Most of the knowledge out there is someone else’s fantasy, the original was too.

Thing here is to search for the answers about those hidden truths that no one has every reached to. There are many things one might find interesting, and there are many things that one might not find interesting but between all of these there is one single thin like which holds the answer.

Only the focused one would know the answer, he would know how to go between the lines, he would know that this future holds things, he would guide us, lead us and help us know the answers.

That future girl

Desperately she wrapped her folded ribbons, mess was the part of her life. She calculated her to and fro and kept few coins inside her bag. Her regional legacy was her only charm she had received from grandma.

Her glittery eyes always had this passion to not just survive but to thrive to the best. She woke up everyday thanking god for another beautiful opportunity.

Her only peace was her eldest sister and she had drawn every possible way to be around her, to learn from her, to compost her every feeling to be like her.

Life isn’t bold but it is but complicated, it looks fine at times but she had always feared happiness like something bad might happen at any given time, things and past has taken quite a toll on her.

She checked her dress, her bag and restated herself a last time before moving on into mirror.

Not always but something’s she do miss him. Only if anyone could come and heal her wounds because it wasn’t easy doing herself. She wrapped up her breakfast kissing back doodle her bitch, a small pup she has got from the street, kind enough to walk through one leg.

Doodle had been part of her Fantasy for sometimes as if he could talk back to her, they would sit and gaze about stars, talk about mountains, about her dreams and passions.

She reminded herself to be like doodle.

To be continued….

Sunday brunch!

You can start write now, to write your favourite story. You can just sit there and wonder why thins aren’t going your way or just accept life and enjoy the excitement of being. You have already drawn your path chosen your insight you just have to act on them.

It’s very important to act!

To understand what this time demands from you, its only you who choose the right and the wrong. It could be a wrong choice or it may just seem like that.

Just take your breathe on hold try to understand the significant values and just let it go.

A Sunday brunch, a hug and a phone call. Life is commutative of small celebrations. Don’t look too high to get a mech cramp, just look forward trust the process and be yourself.

Life has great plans for you only if you trust!!

Ek baar mud kar dekh jara

Ek baar mud kar dekh jara

Aaj bhi in Hatho me tere nam ki Mehndi hoti hai

Mein sham ko chumu to tere nam ki subah hoti hai

Ek wo akhri Rasta wo akhri nam

Par sada in ankho me Tera Basera hoga

Tu hoga ya na hoga tere nam ka pyar mera hoga

Had se jyada kya hota hai wo meine tujhe kho kar jana hai

Aaj bhi kabhi kabhi tut si jati hu

Jara lehrati hu jara ghabrati hu

Sapne mere aaj bhi jinda hai

Bad tu nahi hai to Himmat jara kam hai

Himmat judti hai tutti hai aur bas reh jati hai

Kaha hai wo kaha hu mein bas ye dil mera kahi gumsuda hai

Use dhund kar lati hu aur sang tu chala ata hai

Bada mushkil hai khud ko akele khade rakhna kyuki

Teri adat bas adat nahi meri jarurat thi

The letter #1

I have walked thousand days to carry this monk to you . I have seen mountains grow and slip with water droplets on them. My eyes haven’t seen more colors within this period than your facial expressions. I know that to carry without a burden it would be a wrong decision but sooner you would know.

I know that, you would know.

Communications is just a medium but our talks will remain silently upgraded. Our telepathic mutual understanding will always make its way.

Well today I wrote to you because I wanted to remember what I have left behind. My life and my curiosity would never generate an alternative deviation. We are derived and so is our love.

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