₹Be a angel to someone

A lot is in the air about the evil eye, don’t laugh with your heart or someone is eyeing you for your bad luck.

Now seriously?

What if I pray the same happiness to the other person, will it neutralise the effect or I will be the one in pain and the other in peace.

World and rules doesn’t go like this, there are certain principles in which this whole world works. The first one that governs everything is a FREE WILL. Without which one can’t have the liability to access another’s energy field.

Now let us take a case study, I went to a wonderful evening with my fiancé and we were celebrating a small reunion because we live in two countries. He was in India and I got to celebrate a bit. A lady next to us lost her husband and was sitting there lonely. I came to know about her story the first thought that came to my mind is that I wished her all great fortunes in this world with a loving life partner. There was an instant change in her behaviour because she felt what I sent her. She was instantly smiling and eating her food. Later that evening I went to her and asked why is she sitting there alone, she told me that it’s her favourite place and it’s where she and her husband met before marriage. That was a sweet memory and she told me that today she felt Vertika different there , a positive change as if her husband wanted her to experience good things. It never happened to her before, may be no one thought about her that same way. I came to understand that our thoughts about others effects them up to some level specially when they are in their very lower states.

Next time if you feel someone is eyeing you feel love for them, they probably don’t understand why they are doing so but your one thought about themselves will change everyone’s life around.

Be a angel to someone



So there was this one very huge guy.. he had powers, at least he thought so. He grabbed others and squeezed their powers into him thinking that he might grow more powerful but forgetful of his own deeds once he squeezed a cactus. He was eating thorns because now he has built his life on others’ energy. Soon that guy grew into a monster and he had no idea 💡 on why he was turning into a very different being.

There are sources of energy, sun moon and the sky, ocean being the most delicate of all gives energy to those who preserve the environment. Slowly the guy went mad, he developed emotions like anger and jealousy. He was a good guy dwelling on powers.

Power if not used wisely destroys many things. It inherits into many things other people are not aware of. It’s a trap that only wise people fall into to re emerge wisely.

His plane turned into a barren land because once he ate the thorns his body just radiated energetic vibes and he felt drained. He lost his memory to drain powers and soon he was powerless. It all started the day when he fought his variance against his wills.

It appears to many that more power gives liability to ensure more energy from others only if one knew that power leads to many different things and this whole nature is built on a principle.

There is nothing to fear about , we are all under something very powerful, I am not aware of other fate policies of its.

You know what do I desire? I desire many things some of them might be highly Unrealistic. I want to go out meet different people eat different food. Own my car and house take my parents on word tour send my sibling to foreign university. I have a heart unknown to any because I never found courage to set out and meet different people. I always had this energy problem like I could only sit and talk with people with good energy and vibes. I had friends and I talk to many of them but I think I crave for something else. Something in me does everyday like every time I code something I know I don’t desire to be a software engineer anymore not that the job is boring or something but everything around is has set itself limits and deadlines. I want my wings to grow back so that I can think diversity. I never wanted to cling to any job, I never had any desires so far, I just remained true to studies. I have stories to narrate and I did them in different ways. Sometimes few things never come back and sometimes few things never leave . I am in middle of that chaos in my mind where there are different options available to me and I don’t want to go to any one of them. I have a different route designed already I just need to find that stair. You know our desires are so highly attached to us that it forces us to take next birth sometimes. There are theories unresolved I want to go and find the real answer . I want to go to dates again fall in love and mend my broken heart. I have so much in my bucket that sometimes I wonder if this one life will be enough.

Truly yours

Visit my local voltage

Forget the girl who dreamt high or forget the girl who thought that there is everything for everyone. I am talking about one unknown character in my head whose story is similar to many other stories but there is particularly a missing hinge where she defines her multiple presence. I wish I had same powers like hers. She can switch on and off herself any given time. Her cruel mother lends her not so good times and yet she manages to catch fire, initiate club timings and also attends local meetings. Her head is not just a meaningless fellow it has got a shot. A thing where she makes her presence completely visible to herself.

She tries to manifest the greater secrets of life and sends invisible owls to places. Her dignity around is sophisticated and she turns no stone up to suitable 💎 .

She must know something that helps her deal with things unpleasant in taste and feeling. She roars and flies and settles for none.

Kiss by the window

You know a thorough happiness running through my veins

A skeptic happy 🌊 wave of solitaire and diamonds 💎 of different colours passing by

It’s definitely a true grace and strength of my peaceful self

I feel the overwhelming protection a true love ❤️ by my window

Where we first met by chance and a kiss happened

The glasses 👓 changed their appearance and there a lot had changed but when I come back home 🏡 you are always there


Happy story

The soothing night outside and waves clashing the shore. I am exactly on time for a week day view. The moon glowing outside and couples transmitting the love vibes and there are sticks hitting cemented cores of sea lashes.

I wonder how it feels to be someone. Like is it everlasting or do they know about the truth between them. I have seen people lie and fake to stay together.

That little adjustment is quite beyond the story of my books.

Well I read quite a lot, like people socialise I surround myself with those pages and characters. I think 💭 people call it madness but to be trusted ❤️ I don’t actually think about anything much now a days.

I am actually breathing 🐝 my life and it’s pretty 😎 cool to stay aware.

I have quite given up on impressing people or accepting living standards to attract few group of humanly bodies. It’s better from here.

The moon 🌙 never brighter, trees never 🌲 so fascinating, sometimes escaping from everything is a good 😊 experience.

The Guy-1

So this guy was working at a private firm, very good company as they maintained to say but trust him he was already in a trap. For the people who saw him it was a huge success and a reward for his mother’s prayer while he was facing an interview. To have a campus selection is a huge marking if you can bid to gather a good company. Exclude the mass recruitment, only few were selected in it. The fantastic 5 were all set for their first day and this guy has this very stupid feeling in his heart already. He was disturbed because I couldn’t think between his thoughts and what the machine was trying to say. There was a huge war in his head, he couldn’t sleep for days. Suddenly he was afraid of losing something. All these years, his 23 years of life he was very carefree, had enough bank balance to support his desires. Everything was so perfect unless a day when he thought that earning money was not an easy ass thing. He tried to manipulate his ideas and convey it to the table of meeting room. Many agreed but none showed any interest. It works like that. This whole drama of pathetic situation around this professionalism and corporate where fresh looking faces are already dying inside. These already dying people pull fresh looking interns and fresher to die with them. No one wants them to suffer less.

The process starts with a recruiting form and it grows with a typical introduction. When the recruiter asked him to introduce him in 5 seconds he was trying to collect which one should he speak first, his first catch at the field or his first love. He kept quiet for a few moments.

He was selected. No one knows how. Everyone appreciated but he knew deep inside his heart that he did not deserve this yet he took the job, went on first day. Tried wrong lift, went wrong floor and reached the office 15 minutes late.



To be continued…..


My friend’s father is acting terribly since few days. I was invited to her house for a warming party but trust me I have went there before. I personally do not like the way his dad thinks. He is very disappointed in something and it reflects very strongly when he comes near me. His whole thought process is very un-clever. He keeps mumbling like this whole world is a shitty place and people are cruel. I don’t wonder if he keeps meeting the same kind of thing. I am taken aback when one day he deliberately tells me that this whole world is behind him.

He has got a lovely family; my friend herself is very calm and composed. I love spending time with her but I am sure that every time she thinks of going back home her foot are taken aback. I can feel the dignity she is holding to keep her family safe. Her father is a nice guy I cannot deny it but he is naturally killing his ways and opportunities with this foul behaviour. If you go near him his mouth smells and it’s a sign that he has terrible feelings inside of him.

I suggested her few things to try with but since she has her own life it is causing her distress. I just want to make her life fulfilling again. Sometimes our natural belief do not help us in long run, her father was under some kind of bad influences and his group of friends from childhood including some of the closest relatives comes out to be really negative. So it was very natural for him to be like that.

I am sure it is very hard for him too. She tried telling him, yelling at him and doing everything to make him believe that our words and self-talk creates a huge difference in our lives. He would not take that in.

He is kind of enjoying his own behaviour, he thinks that to be good he the whole world will have to be bad; he is not trying enough to forgive.

It’s time that we choose between people; it’s hard for her to abandon him for obvious reasons.

To help her with this, I including few of my other friends who are involved in healing tried a bit of fun. We are trying to rewire him but since we are not very of the closest to his soul it is difficult.

Yet our prayers may help!

I heard someone’s love ❤️

While we are always destined but I found him on some unreal plane. I was traveling and those days flights were real fun, those were my first flight I guess at international and someone greeted my brother.

Oh yeah! That little boy with whom I shared a glass of milk when I was just a toddler.

‘Hi’ he for added the hands in between the conversation. We couldn’t recognise him but his parents.

I couldn’t forward my hands to him, I was too occupied in my protective environment to initiate a talk anyway.

We knew each other but 12 years is a long time and a lot must have changed. I remember how his mum would narrate us the story of the cow who gave us that milk. I was always the one who never said no to the good but talked very less or mostly jerked my head for the clarification.

So is it it? My heart gave a beat while shaking hands with him. My both hands went to touch his handshake. Strange because as soon as I forwarded my both hands he did it too and suddenly the voices in the background stopped and we heard ourselves laugh and listen to stories his mum always said, I heard him call my nick name very unfamiliar because I haven’t heard that one before but I knew that name very much close to my heart. Flashes of the moments we grew up with came and we smiled, we both stood there going into past and coming back again and revisiting them and suddenly someone said ‘let’s go we are getting late’.

I wonder so because I just met my life and my life just got started I think we were late but now universe knows how to take forward this love story.

Years passed and that same feeing between us remained. I found my best friend back and lucky to find my would-be in him. It’s weird but one of the best things that happened to me while I was born. It’s very strange that how powerful this love is and how often things fall into places and everything makes sense all of a sudden.

I wake up with this great feeling of having him forever , and chick talks doesn’t sound that creepy to me now, all I want is to listen to him and to stick with him even if that irritates him, or just stay around and stare him. It’s like the whole background noises are still fading away and all I could her is how we laugh when we are together. I don’t have words to explain why we laugh. I don’t know. I may never know!

Baba’s Divine Feet

Often than needed we are surrounded by questions of our own existence. It occurs to us that sometimes the supreme soul behaves in various ways. The same source energy comes in different forms. Sometimes that’s in our best friend or may be in any stranger being Angel to us. Sometimes it appears as someone we would not like to meet again but in everything that appears to us it is right that it’s our own part and parcel. We are all same appearing in different forms. A small dust from the stardust or a small fragment of this whole universe. We all are important to complete this circle. Good or bad or needed or unwanted. Thing is even if everything is unreal but there is something about our reality that doesn’t makes it un accountable.

Perspective changes everything.

All that we do goes somewhere, to me it goes to Baba’s feet. Our belief Thales us everywhere and if strong enough it can move unmovable things, create new destinies and heal the pain.

Our soul survive on a foot note , a feeling of everything that we do. Ultimately what we feel most of the times are the only result and cause for what we have always done. To do it onto others is like experimenting it before applying the same to ourselves.

We must not forget that EVERYTHING AROUND THE CORNER IS GIVEN TO US BY SOMEONE, let us be humble.