Reason behind “why me” and why it was like it is:
Most often I find myself complaining to myself- why me?? Why just this happened to me. I certainly forget it is not just me; there is a crowd of millions surrounded around so many situations. Some situations are created by me and my mistakes, few are my often previous life’s result and few are my surrounding circumstances. I forget that I am not being punished; it is just my learning period. I forget that everything happens for something divine good.
If things are taking long time, it has to be best for sure. Time taken and granted is under divinely condition.
I am always surrounded by my guides and guardian, I am free to ask them for help and I only get to know about them when right time comes.
If it was not given to me, it certainly has nothing to do with my need.
Today I am to talk about a simple reason behind why me, why it was like it is.
Let me considered myself for explaining, let you consider yourself there-
I lost my cell phone along with my bag last a year, I was disheartened, this happened during an auspicious occasion in my house. I felt bad; people laughed and questioned my faith. Ultimately I was broken because few days before I encountered a person who shouted himself to be god’s best worshiper. There was a certain reason why I met him; it was because god wanted me to understand that my goodness was in a check. He told himself to be dearest and only son of god. I was the one who did not take interest in his fake blemishes. This seriously had enlightened his inner animal. He asked my mother I am running bad times and that I have bad moments.
Negativity arose there at the moment when my mother believed steeling of my bag to be the result of its. That person was sure that I will visit him with my problem. My mother did what he asked for. I did not deny her faith and did not resist her because resisting was not the solution. If you look it from stranger’s perspective everything seems to be messed but when god himself came to me just to explain how and what it was, things were cleared.
Those were not tough times, those were just testing. Moulding, hitting and pains are signs of finishing.
Later meditation and talking to angels resulted in change of my perception for what happened. This was what I learnt from archangel Michael, my very loving sai baba and Ganesh-
“We all absorb energy, our things does the same. When we gather our soul as a human body we are connected to material. When we purchase or connect with something we own our feelings are associated with a string to them. Anything or everything we carry should be cleaned at some regular basis because all those energy can be harmful at the point of spirituality. You have to make your aura and your feeling clean with every session you put your leg out of your comfort zone. Reason for your bag got stolen was because your bag and cell phone had absorbed enough of your negative feelings, those feeling you were not able to cope up with and feelings those were harmful for your future existence. God knew this, he knows everything and that is why he gave you gift for your goodness. May be no body understood that, may be you were hurt when you expected god to help you then but he had helped you so far by letting it going away from you. Have you not learnt so many things just because of it? Was not it a blessing? It was. It was indeed a blessing. Everything that seems to be a hard time is a blessing for people who are good to others, who are true and who have a clean and innocent heart. Certainly everything is not punishment that seems to be suffering. Infect nothing is a punishment everything that happens to you is a result of stored feeling, let them go. Believe me there will be peace and a solution for your all problems. God is watching everything. if ever you feel you are stuck and you need help, close your eyes touch your heart and with purest of all feelings as for a help, bend and stay there till you feel you have surrendered, things will be all right then ”

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