The letter

That one letter that changed the way I looked life;


“Dear my little deer,

I know till you find this letter it might be a LATER, I may be leaving this plane to exhibit another one, yet I am writing this to you just to know that I chose this way to leave the world, god and our parents have nothing to do with this. I lived a wonderful life serving people and understanding the plane and plexus, yet you were sent to me as a gift. You reminded me of a child inside which helped me heal while I was busy healing all other souls. Your innocent eyes and smiles are really valuable and at some point it stopped me doing what I was about to, yet I know god is there to help you and if I will be allowed I will communicate with you, stay with you but I have to leave this body, this is my purpose. I know you understand me for doing this, you will probably miss me, cry and remember all the wonderful moment we had when you see an elder brother feeding his little sister, you will badly want to see me in occasions specially rakshabandahan, you will carry this letter everywhere just to remind yourself that I have gone nowhere. I will not ask you to accept the reality and you know this why and what thing I am relating here. I know you know the reality of death and life yet there will be moments you will badly want me to come back to you, know that we souls go nowhere, we stay there even if we had taken birth, one of the part’s stays there as a guardian specially those who have little children.

I want to tell you something specific today, the girl I promised to love forever has left to other plane and I have to be there, yet one of my promises stays with you too. It will be hard enough to accept but my heart does not stop here.

You are a proud child of our family but I know after I leave you will not live, but you have to make through. May be 1,2 or 10 years, but you will walk out with time, that I believe but if still you find it hard to find a hope to live re-read me.

I know you will stop socialising, stop going to places where we visited, will get afraid of everything, every small thing, I know you. You will break but then I will teach to stand, I will be there anytime, anywhere you need me.

Being ghost has plus point you know *wink wink*

I love you my princess, forgive me if you can.

Your lion”

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