You are always near, beneth my Sky

but may be we could never meet

because may be rain Don;t want

us to Lead the heads Down

Amourphously Its just may be A Journey

Without you, But baby There is

NO sky Beneath you,


I am Addicted to your Texts, You have sent

The calls You have made,

more of Those hugs You have caught

Perfoumingly Lovingly and Adorably

I See NO Other world else the you,

Your smiles Still keep me busy while Driving



I can’t think a day without you

When you walk by silent

It Kills, Inside- Outside Everywhere

Just like an Ant bite, without telling

I can Bring You Back, Lieng, Pretending,

But i want you to ome Back- Your own



Surprise me With those neel Legs and

Roses on hands, The song i Want

My Blue and your yellow Bike

let our dream come on Way

Let you come Back and Just say

– I am Always Yours

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