*Treated by me*

Snigdha Gharami



“All the great temperament ever in history were those who were thankful for every little thing they had, loved and understood self before they launched themselves to the world”




More often we find ourselves lodging in an over reacting standings. We behave out of apprehension nuts and probably do not find a way out of this sick conduct. We do not actually understand ourselves more often.

When a kid behaves weird, we find ourselves more concern for his attention, when you behave anomalous that means you need your own attention even more of what you are giving right now. We need to understand that we need to understand ourselves too, before we step into world and pretend to understand others.

Judgment, critic and misunderstandings are not outside faults, it is lack of faith inside, eventually no body is responsible for a broken relationships, it’s all we either needed that for a better life or simply we did not understood it at all.

Later four years ago, when I stepped into new world of college life, I started applying makeups, became more delicate to my dressing and what I talk. That was not less than insulting my own likes and dislikes, because I still hate those extra smudges of fogs of fountains and face packs on my face, the dresses I dwelled did not satisfied my moods, I ended hating myself, guess what then? If I did not like ME how can I expect others to do that?

My over concern neglected life was then satisfied with over eating, shouting, mellowing mind and sleeping endlessly.

When we are not accepted outside, we stop peeping in and there what everything starts messing.

Story began with a lie, a simple lie to cover my real. Reasons were many, but yet they were all lie, cheating myself to make believe what I never wanted to be. I pushed myself to be like those who did not understood life, and I disgustingly denied understanding life then. I met myself in a different dimension but it did not sooth my thirst for becoming better. If showing-off pretty disguise was only route left with me to get more attention I even agreed to that.

I gave up and decided to leave the past dress and wear my own. Party gowns are not for sleep overs, only the old, soft and torn night gowns are perfect for it. It’s all in the comfort.

I thought, I cannot cheat myself for because my cousins do not like me being simple, they wanted a rock-o-roll sista, my friends in college, blah blah, so much and so many, but I am not like them, I should not.

I knew I do not need friends, at least not those who are really not my friends.

I messed it up, it made me wonder that if the bringing my true was a right decision, and then I reminded self, that there is someone I had to give answer to all my actions and emotions up there after my death. It took me really late to understand the value of truth and it came up at right time.

May be I had to lie for sure, may be it was part of my journey to understand truth and strength after all lies and fears.

At the right moment at the right time, I realised few important very facts those changed the way I ever looked at life.

  1. 1.     Not necessary, your parents are always right, you can present your views, they surely understand that and if you think they find it hard to, you are grown enough to choose your decisions
  2. 2.     What you have and what you desire may be far different but you can still make out
  3. 3.     One just step to let go worry and fear to – strength and action
  4. 4.     Never underestimate your power of willingness, your willing is a way of communicating with your own desires and a hint to your life’s journey
  5. 5.     Your politeness will pull god, human and animals, you can be with everyone, just be loving
  6. 6.     Your body needs your time, leave everything else and just let your body, mind relax soothing your soul
  7. 7.     Things will stop you, make you irritate, tickle your ass off but remember they are testing you
  8. 8.     You can break promises, swears wherever you want, god looks for your intentions not words
  9. 9.     Most important- when so much bad is falling apart something really wonderful is on way


There will be situations, persons and you- everything going outta control, you may give up, try up, irritate self and bring down your lazy laid on the bed.

During my middle graduation I wondered why I am really studying. Why do we make friends? Why do we need the money? Why is job so important? If we really have to leave them up here and die, then why to waste time?

I still do not have the answers and the most important was- why exams need to be given and passed? Nobody knows it, not even google.

I tell you why, answer to all the above is- you, just to make the YOU, you need to be answer to all the above. I tell you how.

Not because you have to prove yourself, not because your parents want it, but you need that. You outta be better in every form. Your soul has went so many trials, incarnations, painful emotions and then you are here, educated enough to read this and lucky enough to attract this to your life.

We all attract each other for some reason. When I got to know this law of attraction theory I got worried every time I attracted something or someone undesired, I wondered if I was enough capable to resist or achieve something big, this thing kept wondering my mind and I ended up trying and having anti-depressive pills, stopped socialising and even caught many phobias, one of which very popular of my close one knows is a phobia for spits, crowd and people with bad intentions. The more you fear, the more you get to attract them.

I guess, I hardly understood that, most of time when I attracted undesired situation or event; it was to test if I can better ignore them or do not bother, it is really necessary to understand this. Then one night when after all this mess I put on a book, my best friend came along with something that sooth my thirsty mind.

He cleared me some points.

  1. 1.     When you are afraid, your vibrations are low and so you catch away all those frequency matching yours, you are actually attracting the like.
  2. 2.     People around you are responsible for sending you these vibes, that you catch being an empath, this is a blessing in disguise, yet very tough job to handle for a kid like you.
  3. 3.     Not everything you get as a thought is your thought as a real, most of the thoughts you are thinking are either you saw, wondered or someone who passed by you threw their thoughts to you.
  4. 4.     Know that your vibrations are soothing and loving, so every time someone unloving passes by you is in need, there is no harm for it, you are just helping them as an angel.
  5. 5.     Most importantly, not everything that you attract is your creations, there is someone above you, the divine decides it but know he always has better plans and he loves you, he will never send what you cannot handle.


I made a mistake that messed everything. I did not pay a “Thank you” to my water tap for almost using it for 5 years and it stopped working, I wondered why? If you understood what I just said, you understood the real essence of living a successful life.

Until and unless you are grateful for what you have you will never be given what you desire, have you seen a little kid getting a chocolate from you until he is thankful for the previous one?

The same way the life works for us, elders too, we desire more neglecting what we have, we do not bother for them at all. Being grateful is the hardest task I bet you will need to start?

“Oh well how much it takes to be grateful?” I know you had exactly this one thought, why do not you try it for?

Playing with gratitude can change your whole lot of life, I tell you why. Let I make it little playful and metaphysical, when you are grateful for something, you emit a vibration, a frequency, that is combination of love, greatness, huge desire and satisfaction.

You really need to be satisfied to gain everything you desire.

Every God who came to earth as incarnation was born in riches, not because they were Brahmins or upper high class people or they were lucky, not because they had some special powers, it was because they did not desired.

Think of the moment you realty did not had any desperate desire to win a small lotto and you tickles to win, reason may be a lot.

Let me tell you some:

  1. 1.     Desire with the lowest expectation and desperation with a good intention tends to fulfil more rapidly
  2. 2.     Sometimes people with many oppositions, critics and judgment tends to win more often because they had all focus and powerful  force from others, may be this is why most of the time you desired someone to be defeated and they win

I have so many kids at my home and they all have their own ways of playing but one thing they are so pretty at is the cheating part to win, they just want to win at any cost and may be their this desire forces me to really practice the same cheating trick to win. There were times we ended up with tie, or simply no outcome, my project needed my attention so I decided to let kids win this time, for my shock all the cards I played were on my favour, all of them (lack of desire and no desperation). Slow and free helps in eliminating the heavy, the more relax you are, the more you give your worries to divine and the more you do not expect an outcome the more it tends to be in your favour.

It is so easy to be magical, we all have the magic in us at every form, at any cost, and we just need to have a look around.

So the gratitude practice should go on to make it to your life, once you are grateful for every small thing in your life, you’re every relations starts repairing.

When you see your relationships are really getting worst, you should have a look to be there and really be honest to tell yourself, what is there in your relationship that is heavier? Compliments or complaints?

If you are complaining your partner to be not honest, things goes like this, nobody was born with a copyright of their behaviour.

Time, situation and environmental factor made them so. Have courtesy for their feelings as you want others to feel the same for you.

My one friend who took online session under our relationship community followed this and he had a wonderful story to share with us, as per him “he started being grateful to his girlfriend for everything she ever did for him starting from all the morning text she sent to him (which she no more does after their last fight), they were broke up a week ago and it made him go to a trance depression. We just wanted to know why he wants his relationship to work again. He had no clue for the next fifteen minutes, later her told he really miss her presence, when she was with him, he never took a space and time to contribute his part to her, he never appreciated her looks(which most of men forgets to do that), doubt her if her calls would be busy at mid night, complaint her behaviour or extra possessive and caring behaviour towards him, never gave her space or that contribution relationship, never had time for a small date or even a coffee for a long time, taunt and disgustingly shouts for her mixing us with new friends, he eventually understood he was not at all grateful for what he had”

We suggested him to follow few steps I had already mentioned above, for another week he had no result.

  1. He wanted her to come back to him, and someone told him that the suggestions we gave to him were magic and would work somehow

We made him realize that we just suggested him to be grateful and that was the magic we put in, rest he need to be.

What being grateful is?

  1. 1.     No expectation
  2. 2.     Feelings of satisfaction
  3. 3.     No desperation or anxiety

You always have choice, either you want to leave and work on yours or you can work together.

Some of your friends would suggest you to leave and move on what hurts you. Stuff can be little adventurous but you can build up a new relationship of the old, without losing anything.

All that you need to cure anything is, love and understanding, and these both combines to gratitude.

The guy then started really feeling every essence of moment he had ever spent with her, at times his guilt over ruled it but we tried those does not affect his love for her.

About a week later when for each moment he bid a “thank you” for presence of his girlfriend who change his life and he did not even notices, his feelings shifted from guilt to purely understating. He understood his over possessiveness for her and even accepted his possessiveness turning to criminal abusing behaviours.

We asked him to mentally meet his girlfriend and ask for forgiveness, we even suggested him to mentally talk to his girlfriend normally.

He now had no expectation to meet her again, he felt satisfied and content and a week later they both came up with their marriage certificate.

Tadaaaaa!! Voelllaaa!! They patch up, got engaged and living a happy married life.

The story I just narrated is a real thing and after that many of these stories kept coming one by one.

How did it work? I tell you how.

We all are connected with an invisible rope of emotions. Our emotions counts love, understanding, anger, disparagement, sadness, happiness and many more. These emotions are represented with various colours and this helps metaphysicians or psychics to find out what emotion is really hurting you.

Every person who crosses you has some previous relation (most of us know this) and these relation contains those ropes of emotions, once you recognize how you can deal with them, your problem that is bothering you is solved.

if you are someone who thinks life is really getting harder day by day, the only thing you can do it right now is stop complaining and start complimenting what life has given you.

It definitely had given you something that someone in the whole universe desire for. I understand these things seem non practice, but let me tell you, everything you do, work is not practice either. Everything is vibration and if you do not agree this, you must revise your existence. If you are really sure of why, and from where you have come from, you can deny these facts.



When life is really getting above your expectation and you need a help, relax, take a deep breath and let it be.

Start giving thanks to every first thing you notice, take it like when you wake up, must thank for a safe sleep, for the pillow then the bed cover and so on.

Then when you put your first step on the floor, be thankful because you can do it, be thankful for everything you do. For just a day and it is in your practice, you will notice that things have started to change.

Many at the times you feel stuck, irritated and want to give up, aha!! Wait, someone is testing you, you must give test for your efficiency and worth.

Patience is the key to your desire getting fulfilled, everybody wants the same thing but it comes to those who wait for long and never give up, and that makes them different.

Once you understand the attitude of gratitude, you will walk in a different route, where gratitude is the key to your logical ends where no logics are applicable.

When your romance is in danger, be grateful for what romantic you already had and if nothing romantic ever happened to you, be grateful for the future expect.

It all work this way, nothing special or older.

Until you expertise yourself with it, until you bring your step to a change nothing can change your life.



  1. 1.     Not all bad are really bad
  2. 2.     Sometimes fears, worries and bad situations gives you best outcome that you need to grow
  3. 3.     You always have a help, you just need to ask
  4. 4.     Nothing can ever harm you without your consent
  5. 5.     You are much wonderful then you ever thought you could be
  6. 6.     Not everybody will like you, do not try to be like them
  7. 7.     God loves you always and ever
  8. 8.     You are forgiven for your every pains unless you have intentionally caused someone cry
  9. 9.     Be grateful
  10. 10.                        Feel good


Gratitude can change the way you see world, once you are thankful, everything will change the way you want.

Thank you for reading me, I feel privileged and happy that my above story changed your life, I feel really good to write this

With love and God’s presence, we all are divine.

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