Broken Hopes

With the finale of a relationship, there ends a link to many more questions

May be those are never predestined to be countered.

Interrogations that I ask every morning- will it will be forever?

Will he be mine like ever..?

Love and commitment never troubles, what pains are un revealed memories they left

I buzz every second place I saw you without your notice,

And I hate wear colour you loved, I hate people you once gossiped

That is not jealousy that was curiosity, and I was curious to talk…

You ended with my elucidations smiling stiffer back in your heart,

I know…

You wanted this to end, from a month ago, but why did you wait for me to sin,

You wanted the guilt should be in my part,

Then why did you promised that we will never be that apart..

Bridges were created and my cell phone stopped vibrating,

With every single missed unknown call I thought it was you…

Why is it that harder to fall in love

And why is it even harder to get yourself back,

Why do I afraid believe people now?

Why that is everything that once I loved doing is the thing I hate the most

Why is I am not the same, why is the hopes never regain

Why always broken parts are harder to fix

I don’t miss you, indeed I live missing you.

Please leave coming to my mares, let my night be mine now,

Please stop telling I am a lier, please stop pushing your part to mine,

Because you knew I will happily survive with my mistakes but never wear you cry,

Why did you just made it harder to survive…

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