Story Romantica

He heaved my hands from those popcorn bowl, I tickled while puerile movie that I was surveillance without any drive but had no choice “nobody care, what I do” thought me, (the silly me)

“What? Where…”

I kept on questioning and he never answered, and I liked that anyway

He elevated me into arms, a little above from ground and I dropped my eyes, because I wanted to behave little feminine

I felt his touch and loved patting my feet’s to currently romantic theme song he just put on, he lifted my feet’s to his and made me lock him from my hands, following his shoulders

My face bent down, but he supported me to lift up

“Look into my eyes” he paused

“I want to enjoy every moment of now, only with you” kissing my forehead

Have you ever felt like; kissing forehead makes you feel more comfortable than on lips or cheeks

The warm summer winds blew my drawing room curtains, and I am still unable t look into his eyes so boldly

The old boring fill was now converted to my romantic moment and truly I never wanted that moment to end

He said closing my eyes, putting his palms on it, making me feel every ounce of it and forced me to wonder “seriously, love is the pleasant feeling I had till now.. it changes my mood , my every feelings, and every moments that I play with him”

“I am all right” I said, he dint believed, though he never do

“I am rude, bad and hurt people” he smiled

And smiling


“nufing ”

Stull smiling

“You mad?”

“Silly, may be but less then you” he kissed my forehead again

And silently took me into his arms, grabbing me and telling me

“You are the sweetest person I know, sweet innocent who is trying to be strong now a days..”

And I smiled, still smiling

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