Shrish :)

Now what is this roar stuff- Roar all short noted as Roaring Lions with four jungle cronies- Shrish, Samay, vivan and chhaya… but instantly they were astute enough like a jackal, cute enough like one tailed monkey, but something built them..


FamiliarisingShrish(charm, sweet, bubble and the building unit of Roar..)

Introducing the me stuff in the story is quite challenging but as people say I am sweet enough to be described, well I don’t disagree them :p infect somehow I respect their choice. Well here we go for shrish..

& xoxo she loves day dreaming, with unicorns overhead, ups sowie with rainbow overhead and unicorns beside,

She can dream an extent beyond you can ever imagine, she loves life and Adharva, well who’s this Adharva stuff? Umm… a way to go next intro..


Cute and innocent enough to be hurt, but here it opens a new diaries for trouble to her life- result, result and result.. Bash! And everything is end..


So what she decides up, a suicide and prepares what.. a suicide note , duh! This is pathetic.. I mean getting died just with one single smashed result, and nothing else, but this is not just the reason, she has something else to be told!

A girl who fight against society just for few little more of link up of her dream, and a new era to be generated that speaks she is capable enough for what she planned up! So duh bitchy club aunties shut up!…


She meets up life and falls in love with someone- well and finally is supposed to be married- whom she should choose her past or present or simply move on!


She always has a simple rule following-

“Live as the way you can, because once you cross that way nobody cares ;)”

So this is not the end- this is what shrish is, nah – nah

She is more than this, a romantic inspiration for someone, someone whom she loved die-heartily without any complaint without any reason

To get more… keep updated

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