Today when I sat for meditation before delivering my today’s inspirational session, I thought what my purpose as a being is. I am not a celebrity, I am not any big company’s CEO, I am just nothing in my eyes, and then what is my purpose. I got an answer.
My purpose as a being is to understand self. To understand where does air comes from and find out what suits my body’s temperature and taste. My purpose in life is not to achieve what I think is important but to achieve what god wanted me to see. He gave me human body and that I am grateful for, then he gave me senses and I should concentrate on what I am sensing thought my mouth, ears, tong, touch or nose.
You are probably being sitting there and wondering what is your purpose now. We all have some karmic account and we all possess some hidden energies. We are meant to understand self and achieve what makes us happy. May be a piece of song and singing it for my children makes me happy, cooking for my husband and in laws make me happy. I should do what my soul allows me.
I am not talking with the point of living in lack; I am making you aware with the infinite power within. The power of acceptance. IT IS NOT GIVEN TO YOU MAY BE BECAUSE IT IS NOT GOOD FOR YOU, and achieving great riches gives you happiness, come-on go and achieve it, no body will stop you but think and tell yourself, is it making your life worth? Are you a good person within? Do you really deserve good? And will all riches make you happy?
What is richness? Happiness, help and acceptance. If you accept things, you make a happy life. And if you are happy you help people, you satisfy yourself and gain peace. Everything is so interred related.
If you tell me that you do not hold a purpose, you are wrong. Nothing is the world is made out of focus. You are running from things, just too achieve what may not be made for you. I appreciate your trying but you must know the real purpose inside.
CONCLUSION: the purpose in life generates on a good time with a perfect way, till then enjoys whatever you are doing and remember you are special and awesome. Loves mwah xoxo..

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