higher level of concious

Like we go to different cities, countries, overseas and taste different food and religion, as like our souls also choose different races, births,places, bodies, sex to try something new. There is nothing serious with universe, we just make it complicated. It listens to what you say through your feelings because your feelings have a vibration around you.
When you are at higher level or consious, like after leaving your previous body and choosing your new one you shall be surrounded by many consulting masters there, You can take help of them and they shall answer only if you ask them. God never forces you any life, you choose your own, There is total fare chances

For more deeper level of conscious you may choose to wait for some loved one to come and you both can take birth together as well

You may choose to fall sick with particular disease, you choose to stay in pain, You choose to die as you want because as a higher conscious you are always happy and content, your soul needs change to let it grow, so there is nothing called sufferings, no pain it is just fun your soul needs
Life is the way you design, please design it happily, prosperously and stay healthy for yourself, feel the love and self embrace for yourself first because here it is you standing alone and everybody else is your reflection

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