Due back in Time

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welcome, Well Welcome!

This grand inauguration within each one of us is not just a fact, the factual interpretation of our ground work within our hearts have grown so stronger that we can meet our logical invitations inside of our head. That love song ever left unsung just caught the very best rhythm it could, birds already flying high to moralise their wings.

By the way, have you ever stolen my poems from my wings and ever felt guilty about that.

Just kidding!

Ever since everything was shutting down to re-splash itself to a ground work I have felt this secret connection with the world which touches me. the more I grow and feel the world around me the more I understand that this relationship isn’t very new. Its ages old, tipped wine! The ‘smelly ‘and tastes sour.

Ever tasted wine? Red deep grape wine, they shake your cavities, unlike the known fact about it.

I was sharing a platform recently with one of my closest friend who happens to be a doctor. He possess great knowledge in football but have never played well. He fears the ball. Can you just guess what he was doing? He just doesn’t want to kick something he loves. Well, only the kind would be able to see that he could actually figure out the score of the match without even getting into the field. Sometimes back he visited us and due to lockdown has to stay with us.

While in home we talk a lot about footballs and definitely I have grown some fond of the game. Today I insisted that we should take a round, just two of us. We started to play and ended up running away from the dogs.

Just as expected, one of us just fell badly and the other is trying to engage the wounds.

Moral that comes out of the space is that we don’t open up a lot, there are many things that binds us, a single drop of confidence and faith in self could take us to million new journeys.

It’s wise to be quite

To readily diverse your sense

Find glory in knowing your soul

And choosing to be alone

I know a pathway that lead to none

To choose between the glory and fun

The clashes of wave and merging of hearts

I can se through the clouds and get hurt

It’s natural, it’s truly natural

Food for good

At times it’s not just recommenced but also necessary to stay away from people who constantly remind of your other side, about your darker truths or those who continuously favour you to savage your forgeries.

I have had past, we all do and I have people associated with it.now that I have decided to move on and it’s highly natural that I should leave and let go and then restart but staying with them who reminds me who I used to be or those who judge me on my appearances or height or physical constituency which is stupid and beyond my understanding, should be left too.

It’s my conscious decision to stay away from the crowd for personal reasons.

Like them I have my personal choice and really happy with my round face, pretty eyes and curvy body. I don’t want them to stay around me to just involve in social ethics or forever ness. It’s a mess.

It’s a world of million creatures and the small group must never disturb your mental health and it there are elements who continuously advice you to be who you don’t want to be, just throw them away from your life. You don’t need everyone to be around you.

You can be yourself , eat candy without anyone recommend you to be getting fat. Yes I love my body I know sugar is important when I need it, I can enjoy that and there are people who will love you the way you are.

You need not explain weather you are real with yourself, you know who you are, god knows who you are and trust me, god has better plans for you if you are strong enough to leave people behind who doesn’t encourage you to move upwards.

Specifically it’s not real to be around people who distinguish you based on their own analytical map, you can thrive to be yourself and choose to be funky. You can act and behave childish. Just there are bunch of human head who are competitive and they want to stay with you so that they could encourage you not to win! Stupid isn’t it!

Let it be, ignite your love, choose the best feeling and enjoy your life .

There is power greater than all these things and that would protect you, trust the vibe.

Happy Sunday!

Love love

All rounder calendar

Can you finish the turbo line without reaching the destination in its path? You can never find your jungle without getting lost in your inner vibrant self. You can hide and you can testify your own conversation because that’s something very deep and reconcilable.

You understand that the power of getting something lies with the journey associated with that. You may not find that at once but when you travel you click pictures, see the mountains, check the depth of sea, thunderstorm your smoky mouth water and check if you could wave out the winter chills. You will certainly make your way about your own destiny.

Have you ever wondered why these flowers always blossom back their wings when it’s cold, it’s not only surrounding its knowledge but also securing its inherited destiny, it protects itself. Not that it’s shy or selfish it just don’t want to start over again. Destiny have secret pathways but none leads to the lead.

One must follow the path, see the jungle, take a tour, be aware of wild tempting flowers and stay.

Because living is not just a natural process but also that it gives an opportunity to love 💕

Spiritually available

Oblivion, we all fear oblivion and thus we are creating our images in machine age. I see revolution and valuation, I see that a greatest power is approaching us but are we safe to accept that change or are we ready to understand it yet?!

Many talk about awareness awakening and spiritual instances they have encountered? Really! The calm in us isn’t very much real yet, we can’t even distinguish between human and soul yet, how are we experiencing so much sprinting awakening all of a sudden? Or are we just assuming!

True to the fact let me consider that this earth is nothing but a small piece of rubber ball which bounces back every time you throw it , is it gravity? No that’s another part of physics, you don’t apply Young’s modulus here just because you can stream a large piece of rubber or because it’s flexible which indeed should be our first guess given a practical implementation and thus this ensures that our spiritual awakening is not complete yet, we are just assuming our growth.

Real growth isn’t very easy of available, one must thrive the focus and slip the hurdles to understand the practicality of sentence adherence.

Thank you 1

Continue to be like a dream, unknown to me, like a solved thread where you untie all your worries. Be like the same I solved quiz in my head, unknown to me forever because if I get to know you, I might fall in love with you. Again! And you will hurt me, again!

When I met you, again I felt that I might be the happiest person in this whole world and then I never wanted to talk to you anyway because I knew that you would not change, you will be the same, arrogant, loving and mysterious.

You can be away from me and I might still love you, love will be there and it will be hopeful because then we could live.

Even if destiny brings us close things won’t be same again,we might fight, we might quarrel or cry, we might kick things or break them, things will never be same again. Love will remain, I don’t know how but this love will always find its way back to us again and again. Unaware of our own facts even if we try to forget what brings us closer something between us will guard itself to find a way. Love will anyway make all its efforts to bring us closer, reunite or kiss.

Stay like a dream to me,a happy imagination where things are perfect between us, that makes me satisfied that love exists, even if we deny to believe so.

It’s October

It’s October, my birth month, over excited me always look forward and just a day before my birthday I feel sad that I must grow a year older and then things like growing to 30 50 60 someday scares me, scares me to hell that I want to do something to stop in there and stop the time. I don’t know how many of us are really interested in growing up but nothing me in really needs to do that 🤪

Eventually the day of my birthday comes and as I am not interacting with any of my friends I was sure I would not be getting much calls or gifts, but I suppose this time I got the maximum of the calls and had to switch off my cell at the end of the day to spend some times with family and husband. There are some unsolicited and unconcerned facts about my life and that’s the only thing I am bothered about.

A years ago when I decided that I must change my life for some good and had decided that no matter what I must not look back, look back to the person I loved so much and he just casually dumped me 🤣 or to the best friend who suddenly realised other important things in life or to people who initiated my own mirrors of thought. We all must do that to ourselves to stop and look within and initialise the growing cells, we must all stop a bit and realise that no matter how much we run, scare each other with the fact of speed, relate or compete, our analytical is always within us. There is one picture perfect for each one of us which clicks our moments and most of us are already looking like someone else. I am not saying that we are going in a wrong way but eventually I want to bring the focus back to yourself so that would could feel the variant of life and survive in it. We must love each other and look deep into souls to see the god in each one of us.

We must forgive and forget and let go


I have a reason of not being able to communicate, I have a strong reason not to look back. It’s not with me, I am not angry, I just don’t have things to talk about. Life changes for good and I am just looking that good.

I will tell you why!

Years ago, I fell in love

Not just a person individual but myself

I know not a single word than love

But when I see no-love or less-love

I never look back,

I believe that love is the only thing that must

It would heal us, cure us and bring us vibes

If you could love, you could vibe

If you could vibe I could hear that

Then we must talk, we must communicate

Love isn’t just a kiss or a touch

Love is when we love each other

Love would be when we look into each other’s eyes and never judge

We must exist in love looking deeply and verifiably

To the one who must know, I am not angry

I am just lost, to my own world where I am not judged

Not questioned and not asked

Let’s heal and love

Let’s do that

Cranberry, occasionally available intimates, they grow in my front yard, it’s very logical to think in certain way how things grow. It’s very important to feel the importance of growing up. I never wanted to grow up, growing up means responsibility, going to 9-5 job or technically all the day engagement, I always preferred life which gave me space to redesign my past, look into future and feel the present.

I could be a true Buddha hood but when in the hoodie I prefer to enjoy my tomorrow just to avoid unavoidable situations. What on the earth caused this change all of a sudden that everything feels different, better?

Gradually shifting to new dimensional era we are counting the blessed Frye its of our lives, forgiving each other and making grand changes, we must love and survive.

We all are here for a reason, to communicate, to initiate, to love and to restart!

Hoping the best day of your life

Love love


Kahi se ho kar kahi to gujarti hai na

Ye hawa!

Kitna jazba hai isme ki jise koi na chu Saka

Use bhi hila jati hai

Ye hawa!

Isme bada Mulayam ehesas hai

Is taqat ki pehchan bhi kya khoob deti hai wo

Jise jitna ehesah ho utna lapet leti hai ho

Jazbat bhi kya haseen kuredti hai

Ye hawa!

Hawa hai, hawa banke fir hawa ho jati hai!

Ye hawa!