I am afraid of success and its post effects. I am afraid of creating sin with small things and merely do them very often. I have(had) Friends and suddenly i lost most of the things. I just want my work should be done some how. I get nervous and fear failure.
I just wish this creepy feeling leave me now, i was(am) one of those specials i thought was made for difference like everybody here is made for some cause. I want to release myself from foundations and bad Feelings now, I want to enjoy riches and create my own fate. I want a Life with Love and Happiness. If one such thing which can make me feel secure and loving, the thing which will not let me hate myself. I am getting sick of fearful thought and thoughts that makes me disturbed and unlovingness. I am just making out but i want to create them. A way that shows me path DIVINE-REACH-SOMEHOW-NOW

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