It hardly matter now to stand still and do our works, we are so habituated to run on folks that we will firmly believe in our existence as a supervising character who could work at a instant panel, we all wonder an significant role model that will provide us of our own modality to govern our senses.

If you ask anybody to live a day without cell phone it will be a terrible fun to see that guy getting fainted, you cannot expect anybody in this era to exist without it, reason is not a telecom media addict, reason varies with the need and requirement, not just requirement of subsequent clarity but emotional and behavioural requirement that only a friend at fake world who knows our fake identity could sooth us, in contrast we are so unaware of the fact that we cannot justify our own existence at this level of semi-honest world.

If it is so to be carefree and hustle free downloading of every emotions that a human mind and appeal needs we would need something to do our life in a faster and easy premises. Unlike that day when we had to stand in a queue to describe our account balance and not-so-safe to tackle money one handed.

Now I travel with a card and my own cell phone has became my bank, but look what a kid-dish thing I am telling you, my identity as a whole doesn’t support me to hold a bank account, I am not a graduate mature enough to open my own self finished account, I mug up my face book status and narrate my life timelines.

If ever I had to generate that feeling of having originated life of living it to extend where everything is just one click, I would like it to diverge in sense where I can connect with other fellow account holders, I could ping them and poke them, unlike their transparent account details, for which I am least interested, banking could be fun if it provides me a get to together online, sharing the featuring games, which could double my money (wink;)) and I can click on a tab to generate my money from a place to another, interactive and determined, all we expect from our banks is a good orientation of money, logically transparent policies that doesn’t hides our reviews and simply a experience that doesn’t rush our minds so far.


Thank you KodakJifi, i loved writing this, Thank you indiblogger


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