Four friends- Aptitude to be Composed always, epoch whatever it happens, but They don’t knew promises need compromises and sacrifices, may be their own dreams, themselves or each other.
A wonderful cute pretty life, where they meet their subsists, comprehends themselves, a silent dignified life, with unremarkable hangout, little puppy care for each other and a never disquieting life, its only when time changes, a Stanger third girl enters their life and it’s when they start deport life seriously,
A bout for Dream, for Besties, a combat against the world for the change
A fight of a girl for her father’s pride against his self-prestige
A battle opposite to the flow, with his family for her love, whom she elects family or him, or she simply will end up with a suicide note because she is messily messed
A fight for everyone’s dream would take away their own, they never knew
Love- Life- lust and hope, all go hand in hand, their one hushed life changes messy, dreamful and passionate just for a Stanger,
Life is so sexy bitch, it never gives what you want, but it is still gorgeous because it gives them in a accurate time, correct dwelling so it’s said
Everything happens for reason,
But do this above lines justify when you have to leave away everything for your Bestie, when you have to stop dreaming for them, when you stop trying,
Yes because Shrish lived for them, Samay lived for her, until Avestha came with a new book of challenges,
This could be fun, watching a girl fight with her jealous for her love, two cute puppies trying to cope with the feeling of their altruism- Chhaya and Vivan
And most importantly a bout of a Bestie with the memories of her Love,
Will Shrish be able to normalize her dreams, will she be able to dream again, will the one who gave hopes to millions be able to bring back hopes to her, and will she be able to get back Samay…
Catch us in our Debuted-
Celebrato Romantica( Inspire Romantically) A Novel by Snigdha Gharami

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