I am happy because i have come across miles, I am proud of myself because i fought what no body ever can survive. I grew till here because i have made my work through it. Things were not easy but thery were nothing impossible to me though. I am not giving up if something that is not working. Things have a good and proper time, they have exact time for their appearance. My fears are vanishing with my strength because i am stronger then i ever thought myself to be because I SAILED MY SOULE ACROSS THE WINDS which no body can even think to survive. I know this was not easy what i have gone through and not everyone know what i have gone through, but though they are gone my fears will vanish and i will GROW even more.
I am becoming powerful with each touch of nature’s presence because they are live example for god’s survival.
I am happy and prosporous because i deserve this. I am growing as a good human because i Know what pain i have been through and help those who can’t survive this.
I am positive and greatful to everybody who are surrounding me with Love peace and hapiness.
Life is too Good for me, I am in love with it. Blessings 

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