Perfectly Matched

When i was a kid, and my hairs were not on place

I dreamt of someone who could like me like this

I got to know people love your Face more then heart

It got hurt

and Stop beating

But after a long, During journey to life

It made me believed that

Someone Somewhere is made for me

who could een tolerate My wiered hairs


My sould, My heart would even not matter

But what would matter is

He Loves me for what i am,

less or more

No compromises but love


His cute love turned my heart,

i started loving life

His Presence made acense, and i Started

Loving him even more


For every of his smile, my breathe would be higher

For every my breathe His love would be brighter

dunn know how,

But he has became my Everything

Forverly everly everly ever!!


I dun Know what to do,what to say

When he is Around

My eyes felt lower because it could’nt math his own

Its not i fear him

Its my all respect bow him


Always would be mine love same for him.

always will be he be loving me this extent

This could be a new begining

but his every pain is mine

His every love bites are mine,

I have felt his escence

And now apart beyond everything else,

I love him



Love you My Love ❤

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