Where do i hold on?

They are special, they really are. They possess such a great power within them.
They handle so many things all together, their family and an unmarried sister, Finance and work. They know how to manage the monthly budget to get you what you need. May be they are not in mood to gift you what you like but they will surely make sure that they give you that.
They see things in mall and some car stock. They dream of driving those wheels but they then had a phone call from you demanding a new galaxy or a creamed then they drops it. They keep on doing this and the get old and their dreams and choices get buried.
Family, wife and children they spent enough on everybody. I have those men in life who are my courage strength and life. I dedicate this life to three people in my life: my brother who always taught me what is what and when it should be a when, to love nourish and care for the right.
My father who taught me and supported me when nobody actually there. He told me that its ok to be failed or being small in height or if I put some weight. He told me that I deserve the best. I found him crying when someone did not behaved well with him in his own family, when his own brothers turned out to be the real mastermind behind his some failure, when he found himself not being lovable. I wrote books for him, so that I could at least make him feel that he has a son and he has the support. I wish I could have done that. I wish if I can make feel proud at least once.
And the last one goes for my love:
What should I tell you about him, he is my strength? I might be partial but I do not know why he is more then everyone. My father and brother have a extra place no doubt but he has the special one. He is the one guys I tell you he is the one who stood on heavy rains and suns waiting for me while I was busy giving exam with a surety that someone is waiting for me other side. He sat behind me and stood along with every fear I had. When I am sleeping I am dreaming and I am dreaming being with him.
Pray that I can be a good wife for him, and he comes to my life soon.

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