Someone apart You

Someone Apart Miles.

JUst Worth Your Soul

Is Someone who cares for you

And wont Count your Faults

He will Just the Perfect,One made for you

Someoewhere in His Hug the World will Shalow



With his One Eye click You Heart will Stop

and with his Every comment on Your LIfe

The world will Collapse,

Just witheen inside, Where he would live



Considerebly into My every Breathe he will Live

My life will All Dedicated to his Single Flick

My own Soul Would be Dancing for him

My soulMate would be the Perfect Clate



I would Love him Silently beside him

With his every Borken buttons

There will be my Eyes on it,

so that i can Pinch my hand

and I love that see Him


There will the one Perfect one made for me

there will be Someone wait for me (Love ….)

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