In your arms

I Feel So Like Giving Into your Arms

When i am tired, lazy and Given up

When time seemd to be Walking fast in My hands

I simply want to Lay down Below Your neck



It feels Like Yesterday when You kissed me

LIke a Moment before If You don’t see me

I do Stupid Things Just to Grab You Attention

ifeBUt purely in all those Stupidity i lay My hands on You



I have been Waiting Ages just to be with you

My every Drop of love has been Just A Courtesy

Only onto your Head, where I have felt No Pain

No Tears,and i LIe no MOre even They Do’nt Rain



no dreams, No Lies Qithout you


and instantly No life Too…


I want to be in those arms which Work day and Night

In those laptop Screen,without Looking into my eyes

BUt it feel LIke Heaven Around and i Just want It to be

Ever… Forever!!


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