Healing with Forgiveness



Beauty of this word is that we all know the power of healing and feeling of not being healed completely. I am talking from both the context, physical and materialistic.

Our life more often what I hear ‘is stuck ball of mass with varying velocity’ but it’s a wrong way of approaching to the true nature of our lives which is freedom and love. Happiness is birth right to everyone but our programs stop us from all kind of healings.

We have tried switch words to reprogram our subconscious and we have worked with affirmations. Both of them work in their own spaces.

Today I am going to share with you the power of forgiveness, something which decides our life.

Karma when seen from higher perspective is an individual belief based on actions they have performed, not just in physical but also in their mind. Everything count and getting stuck to something is that invisible string which hold us back.

Steps to be followed for complete healing:


  1. Understand the problem
  2. Take full responsibility of the reaction and action
  3. Calm yourself because that I alright
  4. Let go of everything that is setting you back
  5. Use your technique, mine is with ho’oponopono(I AM SORRY, PLEASE FORGIVE ME, THANK YOU, I LOVE YOU) .: I sit with myself and talk to my events bothering me. I am sorry for anything in me that is playing again and again to cause this problem. Please forgive me so that I can move on with my higher perspective. Thank you for being so generous to me. I love you always.

After cleaning the very first thing this brain wants is the result, wait for your time to come.

Karma involves:

Your feelings for yourself and with the rest of your team mate in this life time you have chosen to greet in the timeline.

You trying to decide things for others.

Thoughts of hurtful events for yourself or for someone else, intentional or unintentional

Effects of karma:

  1. Health issues, they generally manifest in the form of pain and leads to issues.
  2. Blocked surfaces of life, sometimes getting the easiest thing in life seems impossible.
  3. Emotional and physical curves, depression and sabotage is one of them.

There are theories on them, there are books on them, I told you what felt right to me for cleaning.

We are magnetic beings our life is full of belief system and religious foundations, our godhead is goodness in heart not somewhere else.

We work and walk for ourselves, our life is just a reflection to whatever we give.

If its your right time to move on, get started.


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