A lie is never too hard to digest (did your girlfriend/boyfriend lied to you?)



Well this is so hard to admit that even you lie yourself, but still we continue the journey but why it is always we need reason to hate the one who lied


As like in children, why a child would lie, when you know a parent would never teach him to, so like he betrays your way and talk restlessly without even bothering you might hurt. Now a days in modern civilisation we come across we see people making fake lives, well is it all true or we just making lives better

You don’t have new dress, you cut short the theme and sleeves, so here it goes the lady blue gaga

You don’t have anything new to eat, you precise chapatti with red chili sauce and cheese and here it goes pizza Indiana

So there is always a better way to escape reality and have fun, people with cool image make more friends, this is not what I am saying but this is what now a days had turned to a fact. So is that you always need to lie,

For some cases in multi personality disorder and now a days a very frequent mental disease that is bi polar disorder, a patient will lie unknowingly that may be the another reason, but like ways there are certain points that you always prescribe to yourself- LIVE LIFE FAKELY, IF YOU CAN’T MAKE IT FAKE IT!

The very famous Indian movie picture dialogue, but is that always necessary to let world follow you!

Well you might hear a no here, life is to be taken practice but in few cases believe me it’s good to lie, this way you understand your terms, and you can force yourself not to be so legally lier but lying in terms when you want to get away from reality. Ohk if it is getting too high lame short it out

There is always a certain reason anybody lies, and if you know your girlfriend or boyfriend lies, don’t let him down if he lies in a kidding way, because there are ways you can let them feel that the real them are more beautiful than their lies

Always respect their presence with yourself, never take them granted because not all are lucky to have a love like you, be really curious and patient while choosing a life partner because it’s just not you but your soul because love always starts with soul and ends with nothing..

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