Prayers and continuity

Archangel Michael prayer for certain situation:

Taking deep breathe, relax yourself.

With every breathe in you are taking divine power, and with every breathe out you will release your tensions, stress and troubles

Now when you feel you are ready to accept archangel Michael’s help and leave all the being human ego, please believe that he is listening to you no matter if you cannot take it into account yet he is there watching over all your life issues. Ever in your life when you felt that you were saved out of trouble, he was sent to you by god, and rest all your angels and guide angels are always near. Amen

Dear god and arch angel Michael, I call upon you now, I want you to look over this matter for now, I am not getting a way out may be I do not want to. This situation needs your assistance, I request you to take over my life issues and problems. Help me find goodness in the situation. Please save me from evil and cut my chords with all the negative feeling and situation that is keeping me aback from growth and spirituality. Thank you for your wonderful assistance and being there for me always. Love and be it is.

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