About Snigdha Gharami

Welcome to my arena, Firstly God bless you and thank you for giving time to my Blog, I hope you will enjoy reading


See, I got a smile looking at you, if you ask me who am I, I am a self-praise person.

I always believe in this quote “DUSRO KE JAY SE PEHLE KHUD KO JAY KARE” in both the sense, I love to criticise myself for what I may be lacking or some area pr corners of my life span hurting someone but most of the time you will find me praising myself, well that is but definite right?

Who knows yourself better then you and why to wait for someone to describe you when you yourself can do this?

Well I am a software engineer till now, and I keep interest in PSYCHIC AND MENTAL POWERS. I own a online magazine and loves giving free advices.

I am chubby, cute, darling, awesome, awsomest, adorable and good one without doubt.

I own a consultancy firm giving psychic solutions and healings; I am now a days working in mind power executions and its side effects.

I love exploring deep inside nature and WHY-WHAT AND WHERE things.

Writing is my girlfriend, we both laugh, and share things, and back bite club and party’s oily food, we both spend a good time together.

Well, there are certain links that describe better about myself, so what are you waiting for?


BLESSED-BE, hope you visit me again. I would love to greet you the same hi again. And yes yes yes do not forget to drop a feedback, I really need it. Let you tell me how awesome I am

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