Every moment from the moment when I first saw you.

Hidden energies from my access controls were released

And I knew I have fallen with gravity in my head

Because my earth was down with the clouds on the edge

And you know who made it possible?

The girl I first saw made me realise the world I used to live was not real

Because the world that I deserved was in her hands.

She has a remote control which operates my hopes and shadows

With her eyes, her lips and compromises.

She once or thy wanted me to realise that being in love is so dramatic

But while I was so engrossed checking her unsolved silence

She taught me to live boldly, and gave me hopes to survive

When no other thing in world could take my sleep

She gave me appetite to grow and feel the rain,

Rather of what I never cared for droplets of water

But love she brought me with her understanding was worth so millions that

It touched my hear multimillion ways

Her everything makes my day new and before I sleep I wonder

“What new will she behave tomorrow?”

Her suspense, her attitude and her gloss takes me to the another horizon


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