क्या तुम आज भी ?

क्या तुम आज भी पुरे घर में घूम घूम कर खाना कहती हो?
क्या आज भी तुम एक साथ सरे काम करने लगती हो?
क्या आज भी तुम्हारे कपडे खाने के दाग से साणे हुए होते है?
क्या आज भी तुमको जल्दी गुस्सा अत है?
क्या आज भी तुम्हारी आँखों में से काजल फ़ैल जाया करता है?
क्या आज भी तुम मुझे याद करती हो?
क्या आज भी तुम मेरी यादों में रोटी हो?
क्या आज भी तुमको यकीं है की में वापस आऊंगा?
क्या तुम आज भी चीजे रख कर भूल जाती हो?
क्या आज भी तुम सभी जगहों पर देर से पहुँचती हो?
क्या अब भी तुम्हारी आंखे नाम है?
क्या तुम अब भी बच्चो जैसे खिलखिलाती हो?
क्या आज भी तुम लोगो से दूर भगति हो?
क्या आज भी बिना गणित किये तुम्हे नींद नहीं अति?
क्या तुम आज भी वैसे ही हो?
क्या तुमने आज भी मुझे देखा?
क्या आज भी बात बात पर फिल्मो वाला ड्रामा करती हो?
क्या आज भी तुम्हारी हसी में में हु?
क्या आज भी हम साथ है?


For a moment,
I am stopping :
my veins,
breathing :
every single drop of honey.
getting less involved in the crowd
and smiling all your addictions.
Maybe we found this by chance
but our chances with life are not coincidental
we met for a reason
like a warming restless anxiety
you have taken the bites of bravery to me
I have never watched something so doubtful yet appealing
You have been something for me for quite some time
I can tell you
I am sure about


That one night

‘You are drowning into your own fluid Snigdha’ my doctor was fierce and worried at the same time.

I was having fun knowing that my lungs were playing around, every time I had stepped out I had always tapped into it and said ‘come on buddy we can do this, we can breathe normally and we can take in more of it’

Oh Dear! I am not making it right.

‘What next?’ I was curious and obvious that the doctor will burst now.

‘Do you have any shame? Asking me this’

I certainly never had any. Well to my excitement he added a few droplet of tests which I had failed, can’t help it. He added me onto his list of most wanted and my brother sounds horrible when he says he is concerned. Well I can’t make my brother sell his property to pay my bills. Just kidding!

Anyway, we aren’t talking much and the pain in my chest is way weird, I feel something up is there, I could physically and emotionally feel that and nothing in near future or past had I smelled like this. I have not put my awareness anywhere so far as much as I do to my lungs, I feel we are talking,gossiping, I guess I went a bit curious and afraid at the same time. I am not afraid of death but what follows after that. I am afraid that my faith can be questioned when I will not find Jesus waiting for me up there and it would hurt me, I am afraid of that feeling.

Well not thinking much into this I am heading for my treatment, real and honest opinion given to me so far by the white coat guy ‘ you need to clean up your mess lady, this is going to be really painful’

Oh I so love that guy.

God bless the whole world


I don’t think so, I don’t think so that the world is going in a wrong direction. In fact from where I am looking at it, it’s the top most view of the highest possibility on the earth. I can securely tell you that this world is going in a correct direction. I believe this world have never experienced this bliss before. From the southern part of the world where most of the nonviolent creatures have been kept to the north most magnetic asylums, the world is going in a right direction.

If we could literally create meanings to our lives we would have made better decisions but whatever we have made so far are the best. To create natural awareness we do not want to set forth our existence but to find our real places in the survival list. It is quite weird to understand this concept from a slogan but I think we can do better. We can be anywhere anytime given any proficiency and command over our existence. To this similar day if we can understand that our lives are connected, we will stop looking each other and concentrate on our own business.

Around the world to the similar corners I believe we all have similar conspiracies and we can decide which legitimation would follow us after we leave this plane. We came here without plans and as our awareness is adapted to this setting and arrangement we believe it is our natural habitat, we observe and create greater mistakes and seek them as our possibilities but we as a human are more than that, we as a soul are enough.

When it gets hard

It’s not the only thing that takes you away from loving yourself but there are more to what we hear and understand but not just because it has been told by someone, said or written into scriptures must be true. Trust what feels right to you. If hurting someone seems right to you, that’s alright and if your concise stops you from committing a sin think again, over and over again.

Keep a photograph of your best friend with you apart from your parent’s, look at it and think of all the crazy idea you could do with them, about all the thing you want to talk to them, think of lovely moments and commentary, about all the challenges you have taken together.

Either you make it a excuse or you make it harder, things with best friend will be always right.

~Dedicated to my Best friends

It’s a different kind of Jesus that we worship

One has got a tail and one has got a long nose, one that holds the instrument of musical hymns is the Krishna, yet the different names on the same plate but we follow the same foot prints. Not that we realise and not that we know but we are children of same kind of Jesus called differently. I once asked God if it was right to be dishonest with myself to fulfill the honesty of the world, my mother switched on to the television to let me believe in the summary of my questionnaire that sometimes god forces us to accept the non acceptable it’s between the choices unless we surrender things that nest in our minds.

It would be stupid to believe but we are stupid to Believe, many a times.

Sorry People

Sorry people, this world is a shitty place, it is as beautiful as it appears to heart. There are people ready to kill you but I am sorry that there are few too those love you madly. I am sorry that you are suffering from some deadly disease and unconventional life problems I am sorry that somehow I am responsible for it but I have prayers for your healing too.

I am sorry that you will be cheated, betrayed and robbed of your last hope and I am sorry that you will question your own faith and the time you will realise that whole shit got real I am sorry for that moment. When in a job interview you will be the exact right candidate but you will be rejected without an explanation I am sorry for the moment because you are chosen for something bigger than you can picture about. This happens to everyone and everyday then why is that we have lost being emphatic towards each other. There are pains too there is beer and one glass down that throat helps us accept all those craps together and unless the next sun appears again with a glam we forget our promises and curses. Our humanity is as far as we are drunk and driving back to home and see the bed. I am sorry that many doesn’t even see a bed, they see the street light where they are visible to drunken cars. It’s not anybody’s fault, it’s not about lifestyle or karma. It’s how we see each other. Everyday when we wake up our first thought is to heal the world but as soon as our own reality appears we dump all those because life is for forever. That’s correct we will have to come again and again and my greatest fear is that what if I get a birth with nothing to start with like I got in this lifetime, what will I do.

That’s why I help, so can you too.