You being a Hidden memory

I take a pew in a cold dusty chair, in the breezy morning

Thinking about the moment when we met for the last timeJ, and wondering if that would be now

You and I, sitting here together, and I leaning my head in your shoulder and everything would have been perfect,

But it’s like I don’t want you to come back, since it’s the best excuse for me to rescue this world and run away from truth

May be when you were here, everything sound perfect and elegant but after you things are fantastic and UN dreadful

Babay, I am running from everything-everyone and still wondering if I could stop somewhere and run for you

I want you to stand the same way, spreading your hands and let me keep running my collage corridors and slip across strait, never mind but please stop the moment when I held you in my hands and you never spoke again

I want to bring back all our moments when, I used to make faces and you never complaint

The moment when I would be perfectly lying in your lap for hours after a long tiring day,

All my exam notes that you used to entertain and made me study for hours in your swear, I miss it

When we shared our tiffin’s, even it was my favourite dish you made with your hands spoiled, but I liked it when you at least tried for me

It’s when I see other couples hang out and I wonder if I could fall in love again, but how badly the truth is

I would never love anybody, else than you, because you forgot those lines “We will love each other forever forever, and truly truly ever” but I dint

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