Music That Reminds me of You

Whenever I sit on the window with my old guitar,

And no music comes from my mind

I like sitting there for hours, thinking none

When no wind blew my hairs,

And I miss you… there is only one way to go…

Way towards you…

And moon makes no more romance,

Without you, seriously I feel no love, inspirational

Everything is simply so complicated that,

Even my messed earphones can’t compete them.

My hopes grows every day when I wake up that,

Some day or later you will come back and

My life will smile like that way,

When it seems so complicated, I feel you near


Even when I am walking to the street down,

To where we shared coffee a day,

To every single way we ever reached.

And all lonely way I find without you,

Make me cry, down and end,

Because no one can be the you…

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