How my kid understood me

Understanding your kid:


One night my elder son asked me “maa, why is aru angry to you today and sleeping with dadda”

I was casually brushing my hands on his hairs; because this is the only way my little prince sleeps.

“ummmm, because he thinks I love you more”

“But this is not true, I know you love both of us equally”

Ayudhya is just 9 minutes elder to arudhya, but now I know why he is elder to him. Aru is still a kid and gets angry a lot. Last night he caught cough and normally when he catches cold and cough he becomes blue coughing. Now tell me what a mother goes through when his little son starts coughing and becomes blue like a lizard. I did not allowed aru to eat ice-cream on other hand I promised ayu that I shall treat him with a big cup of ice cream because he helped me clean house today.

I had to make my promise to my worth and gave ayu his part of ice cream that too secretly. But aru is so clever to find me cheating.

This made him angry and he denied talking to me, he did not even let me touch him. He threw medicines those I touched. My darling husband was forced to sleep at guest room because he do not even want to see his mother.

I did not make discrimination or maybe I did. But here comes my part of business, if I did not fulfilled ayu’s promise I am cheater to him and what I did to aru was bad as well. Will aru ever know that his mother’s heart almost comes out when she watches him coughing hard to a cry? I wanted to teach both of my sons some morals or I should make one of my children learn compromises.

Ayu threw the ice cream in front of him saying mummy was just showing him that ice cream has a cockroach. Every time I try to make aru happy he is somehow or either jealous of ayu.

I wonder am I doing a right towards parenting or am I just becoming famous giving consultancy in parenting and at my home it is a hole. Do I need to give more time to aru.

I do not know what father and son had between them but it was a miracle. My husband always does miracles. He came up to me and slept facing other side.

“maa, tell me truth. That cockroach was real or ayu lied”

“I lied to you baccha, ayu was saving me”

He kissed me “I know, and I know my mumma never lies to me, you were only fulfilling your promised to teach us the same. I am sorry”

His face was touching mine and my hubby had a chubby click that night and posted in Facebook. Later that night I felt satisfied and content with my parenting. I said truth and my both kids know that their mother never lie and I hope so they will never.

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