Love-Laugh and Live

Know that life is really not given to you to make fun of it while driving big cars, waiting for long happiness but to enjoy every short of it, while desiring more for yourself and for others too, happiness comes double when you wish the same for others too.

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Laughter will make you forget your pain and eventually you will know it was just another illusion air experience in this life time, there is a lot more happiness on the way if you can just laugh and forget, forgive and forget.

Considerably, we have reached a certain point in our lives where we miss so much yet we do nothing to get them.

Don’t we miss that little moment with self-making fun of kitty parties and how that aunty laughed at the taunt-ful joke, I do not regret it though because I already decided my life back in my teens.

I decided to take a round of applause for whatever I do, make fun of everything that troubles me and trouble everyone who does not get anything else but to peep into my life.

Now a days, life has got busy but into that schedule I always find better ways to humor my every incident, because seriousness is seriously very serious for me, I have no idea why some people cannot make it to their own life, why do not they get their own business, may be because they hate themselves to the extent that they do not like their own company, and this leads them to enter other person’s life issues.

We tend to grow before we can ever find out, yes! We really have grown beyond the limit of our history has ever decided. We finish our trends and wish for the same to lighten our lives without a worriless claim. We want the busy stuff should provide the fun, we miss that stuff, we do miss ourselves a lot.

Remember when…

You really laughed your heart off

Enjoyed a little time with family

Seriously did not take anything seriously

Gave yourself a light up moment while you took a way to understand it

I did had bad relationships, met bad ones, remained lonely but my loneliness taught me a lot, before I was left alone I had no idea what I loved, what was really my interest, what is my favorite color, everything else I did was to entertain everybody, showing off was kind of trend.

I had drastic fun when it took hard for others to accept life. my mom is seriously a other planet person, for her a teen ager must be mature enough to handle a successful carrier, for her my light-easy go nature did not satisfied a ongoing successful student, is it that way?

I never took life seriously, because I do not get a single reason to take it hard.


Here are some incidents took right on while others found it hard to digest.

Tale 1:

This one is little yuky, it started to get planned when we had a terrible experience with our new maths teacher, he was terribly irritating and the one who was responsible for the one week suspension of whole class, we did nothing but denied to complete his homework which was to complete 5 chapters in the week end just because he could make it to the course completion final deadlines.

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We were frustrated, screwed and had a wonderful time at home listening and working extra in kitchen, washing utensils as punishment.

I had a plan and it came from my neighbors brain, we decided to spit out our anger to that teacher.

About a week later we were sent to school to extra classes just to attend that left maths lectures a day before our examination, there used to be no body in the staff room but him, we had nothing to plan for, yet we had something that will make him realize it was bad messing with us.

After his complete one hour lecture on how it was bad to mess with him and fighting for the wrong the rebellion in us born deep inside and we all put of hands on this fight.

What we did?

We all spitted in his drinking water kept outside staff room and he drank all of them.

Sorry for this puke-eeeee effect ;)(*wink*)

Tale 2:

I have a very bad temper, I understand this better. I guess we all have a sort of like this 😉

I BREAK YOU HEAD kind of images in mind.


Well this is a trick we all customise when we have no hammer and real head in front of us.

Aunties, specially friends of my mom who do not find their own family interesting enough to cultivate their own feats, she mingles up with my mother’s mind and makes story of watched of me having drugs with some male friends.

I have no explanation for it, because my mom never listens to me, it was then my mom asked me not to apply the shampoo she brought us and asked forcefully to apply it was when someone told it was a mineral product, when I told her, she had this stuff in mind


So well that aunty had a great treat in my imaginational plane, thank GOD for his that creativity;

Taking her head, breaking it into pieces, putting ashes of drugs, mashing her mind into crumbles and putting the beer as much that the brain of hers splits like popcorn, well with all my emotions and all facts, I do something like this to everybody who irritates me;

Come ‘on, it’s all one life, and certainly one day every day that is unique, hanging out, making friends is just a part of healthy life, has she ever took interest in where her daughters goes and why she comes over night after partying hard?

Well she never, it’s because she leaves my house after her daughters comes in, yes she is that irritating.

There are few people you can never tackle, and never wants to come across, she was one of that type and I entertained her for all my both serious classes of 11th and 12th, all she was concerned was why do I study so late night, if is am really studying, she was that worried.

She used to peep into my window from outside to confirm I wasn’t watching something on internet or online at orkut that time, I guess she was better one that the night guards. Every time I remember her I miss the fun I had with her.

She do not even know who was the one mixed bleach in her hair colour bowl, well do not point it out on me, even I do not know that *wink*.

She had no idea who spoiled her RANGOLIS and broke her all expensive vases including her television and the one to keep bomb in the fridge, oh right!! I was the one to do that, I even tried to exchange her milk with phenol but then my humanity came between and I dropped it, because fun of life should not spoil someone’s life that far.



Tale 3:


Most of us had this experience of putting bombs in principal office? Well I never got that chance but I accidentally broke all the chemical lab tools, including all bottles of chemicals.

Well it wasn’t my fault, they called us at morning 9 for practices and for some personal rivalry the teacher pushed my turn to the last, I was hungry, not well and sleepy, I had no idea what pushed me to keep every bottles side and sleep on the table, yes!! I really did that.

I do not even remember when those reacted and some of them blasted, all I remembered was thank god I left before my teachers could know it was me.

Well camera? Ha ha !! We already broke it day before with a duster. It was like plucking mango from the free throwing stones.

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Tale 4:


I was kid, all right!! Every one of us are kids once in our life time, but I am telling you about the time when I was a kid. My teeth were affected with cavities and I already had the tooth fillings. My brother was very strict with my health and studies. I had a secret place to hide my chocolates, well I never got to hide my papers because I did quite well, topped class (till certain I could) after that I did not brought answer sheets home neither my parents bothered for it because the base was built enough *wink*.


The place was surprisingly very weird, only my best friend knew about it, we had a code word for it.

It was when few relatives visited us and were about to sit on the sofa, it was a puffy couch and every time one would sit on it the stuffed sponges would flush out the inside truth.

Guess it right!! I used to hide my chocolates between the corners of sofas. It was a hard time, I had no clue what to do then my naughty mind clicked;

“Hey do not sit there; I guess I left the needle while tucking my button”

It was that code word; once everybody would shift another place I along with my bestie would shift the chocolates to other safe place. My brother was the one who knew I have no idea how to tuck a button using thread needles stuff; he caught us the next time we did the same.

Then we found another place to hide them “THE RAT HOLE” we even bribed the rat of our house, not to eat all of them alone and he was that faithful.

Tale 5:

Almost all of us had a false signature tales at our childhood, I could never make it. I was that obedient to my brother, well the truth is, his signature was really hard to copy and my school record speaks of only his valid signature.

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What if I couldn’t make it a memory there, but as far I had my diary of memories and I note every crazy stuff I do all my life so that when I look back I can laugh enough.

My collage life started really boring. I actually was drawn with the fact that college life is really a wonderful experience, we have a good class unity, we fight and laugh together.

Blah blah….!! What a heck, they sit to make sure who gets more attendance and gets in notice of teachers for better impression, how pathetic.

They even did this, making a trip plan to a whole class bunk; they came back just to give their attendance, that clever you know. But it never affected media knew I wanted to live, not this way because when I would look back, it will be a list of cheatings with my own friends, it’s too outdated.

I never reached class on time, half an hour or the next lecture late, but I always had a new excuse.

Day 1: “ma’am shruti had an accident, seriously look” showed her one week ago accident injured hand


Day 2: “mam’ shruti fell on ground while coming back to college”


Day 3: “mam’ shruti fainted and it took me hard to handle her alone”

Teachers could not deny my excuses, but it was a late shruti jokes, college had a trend of shruti’s excuses I made, it got me a quite fame.

Day 4: “shruti: at least spare me today, enough of fainting, falling and accidenting me” I gave a ALLRIGHTTO sign and entered “teacher: what now?”

“Mam’ shruti was not willing to come to college and I insisted her not to leave your class, important lecture” *teacher impressed, not with me but the way I convinced her*

Shruti: *wicked face*

Day 5: “I: are we really going to class??” I told this to my friends standing in front of closed doors of our class room; “teacher: come in, but this is last time”

“We: missing” “teacher: where are they??”

Day 6: we were sent out of class;

Head of department notices and comes for our another continuous insult;

We were sent out to be honest I tell you, teachers asked everybody to solve the sums, nobody did and she did nothing but smiled at them, we sat idle watching outside because that was infect more fun, we were the only one solving each questions every day, at least one of our group member did so far, she never noticed it?

Yeah!! Right, all the best times.

Our head of department lady, long, tall, fat, proud and with the one old face and dark red lipstick on pimple full of face, all I could say was “mam’ can I go to washroom”

I know such a shameless, but I was really serious.

I understood this very early that seriousness will bring you a lot more seriousness, but once you can see fun and humor in your every life situation life is further little easy, it’s not that maturity marks, it’s not that being funny will make you weak and nobody will respect you, trust me once you leave this mental habit nobody will ever bother.

  1. Laugh because it
  2. Keeps diseases away
  3. Keeps negativity away
  4. Makes you happy
  5. Makes you feel good
  6. Bring miracles to you

and if you find nothing to do 😉 get yourself something to eat




note: this blog post was wrriten originally for INDIBLOGGER EVENT on #CONDITIONSERIOUSHAI

I put my gratitude to this post and the event and lots of blessings, have a smiling time and the best life

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