while on the way this morning, i was making my kid’s projects and all-pins, safety pins and all the pins were tumbling against my senses. i threw up and projected myself to my gardening essentials and arranging the crucial i suddenly panicked towards the completion deadline flyer given to my kid.

“very creative” was the very sign given and it was quite irritating, what do you expect from a 8 years old to form a very creative margins for your walls?


then clicked some fun idea, those i took on grasp and put them together to form a grammatical palindrome of creativity. this can help you in your kid’s project or you can bring on a new trend out of this

2015-02-26 11.57.51




Things you would need:

  1. Scissor
  2. Colourful sticky pins
  3. Fevicol
  4. Some colourful papers or readymade quilling papers available on market





Step wise illustration:


  1. Arrange those pins in vertical V order and with the help of fevicol stick them up together well.

Take few colours you love and make it a colour stanza for the roll.


  1. With the help of quelling paper and it’s instruments available (if you do not know how to do it, please leave comment I will help you with that, I would love to be)

Make some designs like flowers or something you love


  1. When you finish off with making the shape, you can add lots of fevicol on the top and leave it for some time to dry and give some shining effect later


  1. Now join all the arranged pins in the order given using fevicol or gum.


  1. After the fevicol dries you can use your transparent nail paint to polish it more further


  1. Stick both of them you created and this way you can add up a new pendant, you can make couple of them for earrings, or join as a earica(the latest trend), can use as key ring, wall hanging.


You can add your own imagination and creation to create further new design, do not forget to share with us, because learning is always a wonderful thing, more wonderful is sharing what you have learnt.


I hope this post is helpful, love you folks.


Thank you so much



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