Deep inside my Sould, The MEMORY will never die

by Snigdha Gharami on Saturday, July 7, 2012 at 4:19pm ·

Keeping wrath my hands, in those windy sky

I flew a sigh and Wondered if that could Happen,

And your could come back to me, and say-

may be that was a fault, but that was’s and end,

Yes we can be Together like again!!

and let the world end on and on,

I don;t want to care anymore if- You are near,

For me i am just Nothing

but for you i want to be your– EVERYTHING

NOW, let them end for all, please Understand 

let it end for all,

all those Anger, all those Pains because

someday its gonna be all VAIN, 

its gonna End, yes baby

may be tomorow i be not on this earth, but i want

You to come and hold me on!

I miss you the Greatest of All,

I wish if you could see me crying all day long

And i would just wish once again, we mett up

and our soul become one!!

Come back, Because i cant live Without you,

and i know the sae is with you :”(


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