Wonderful life

It was this evening when the rain droplets were buzzing my window panels and my hopeless shattered inside feelings were getting anxiety. Dark circles have finally made their places on my eye panel and I was hoping with every natural burst of rain drop on my hands. Each drop fell into it and splashed in million more droplets. I tea red paper pieces and threw them at air, I then made more small pieced and kept doing till I got irritated with more tears.
I then started to scratch my hands and looked to the gate, I was just hoping and silently wishing when finally he arrived. His shocked expression was obvious after looking at my mad look. The uncombed hairs and dark circles below eyes, sucked face and almost about to die body physic. I do not know what my nervous system act like when they find him near, my legs automatically ran towards him and I simply made my both arms stretched and hugged him tightest to the extent I could. The cold was getting on my nerves. His pampering hands and kisses on my forehead were my only medicines for all pains. His tensed eyes were speaking so much, I thought he will shout at me for not taking care of myself in his absence but why do not he ever understood that my life system stops supporting and even support system do not work at that moment. I learnt what is life from him, I learnt to speak, he was everything and he always will be.
We cuddle at the bed after such a long and bed covers crouched kissing each other of its threads they are made up of. They were happy. After such a long the windows and doors were shut because we spoke a lot in privacy. After a long he fed me with his hands, after a long I slept on his chest. His warmness made my emptiness to fullness and my eyes blossomed. All of a sudden the ugliest in me disappeared and I felt loving and worth pamper able. I do not know why his absence hits me in my feelings and my every action. Nothing seems to be working, not even anything.
The rain drops sparkles on my face shooing my dreams. I was back to reality missing him again the way and my eyes were still searching him through those doors, some day he will come from it.

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