Connecting with Angels and Archangels

Who are angels and archangels?


Angels and archangels are higher level spirits who are messenger of god. they are pure, humble and loving souls who are always near you. In your whole lifetime and every life time you are surrounded by these beautiful souls. Their work is to help human kind find right purpose for their living and existence. They are always there for you, every time you need them you can call upon. They are such a sweethearts that you do not need any specialized training to connect with them. Only a true emotion and intention is enough.



How can you connect to them?


Angels and archangels do not need special attention; you can simply call their name and ask them for help. Like if you want to call upon Archangel Michael, you just need to say “I call upon Archangel Michael to please be with me and help me find out answer to this complicated situation”



Working with archangels:



Every angel or archangel is assigned with their specific powers and working life purpose. They are like spiritual teachers teaching you the real essence of life.

Various angels and their nature are given below:

  • Archangel ariel: looks after nature and planet
  • Archangel Azrael: helps people during their death
  • Archangel Chamuel: brings new opportunity
  • Archangel Gabriel: helps in writing, provides strength and new ideas
  • Archangel Haniel: helps you in gaining grace of god
  • Archangel Michael: protects and shields you from negative contrary energy



Archangels are pure and humble souls, they can trace your intention and help you accordance. They are higher self then you’re deceived loved once and lower to god. They work as a messenger f god and provided you god’s wisdom and knowledge. They respect your free will of choosing your life purpose and do not help you until you allow them. Call upon them for any assistance on situation or problem, they are always near you.

They are above life rules and time and space theory. They can be with you and your best friend at the same time. Do not wonder if you are bothering them again and again. They love to help you. They are lovely and very dearest; allow them to change your life in a positive way. Respect their decision and know that they always want a good will for you

Do not forget to write to us on how well you worked with your guide angels, angels and archangels.



I call upon Archangel Michael to please assist and guide me in the new areas of my life, please shield and protect me from all evil intentions and purposes. Please help me cut chords of emotions and feelings those are fear based and draining my energy and vitality.

Thank you God and Archangel Michael.


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