‘So you have beautiful eyes’
‘Hmmmm’ I rolled them 360 degrees in amazement, awkwardness and to be honest I had no idea how to react, that was the very first ‘words’ he ever told me to start a conversation at our first date and now our good night kisses last with our eyes closed to feel the moment.
We have grown up but we still fight with same coordination, some of them are planned and some are just invited to keep our relationship fresh and affirmed.
Each week when I drag him for a coffee break out of his busy schedule and squeeze his face out of irritation, I can see him smile, makes my moment. We definitely have grown from different directions if you count my calories and his irregular gym habits but we like ourselves much deeper, you can blame this on our ignorance to the rules generalized for everything and I believe most of us are tired of following it.
A small incidence reminds me of how our unplanned trip to northern tip ended with an ice-cream treat at some corner of the city. To be honest, it was far better.
We try to find reasons to talk to each other, sometimes he would ask me to come over and schedule his watch in a laptop, which definitely makes no sense if he knows how to fix it wrong he has an idea how to fix it right. Sometimes I pretend to be sick which he catches over my voice but still manages to come over, we end up cuddling.
Today, he came by my bedside with some rare kind of feeling, his simple touch over my head gave me zillion reasons to hug him tight and watch him to ‘shy’ over my untold intention. Not to disturb this beautiful moment I kept silent and felt him, his warm presence and his hands over my forehead, his gentle kiss over my forehead and I could not resist but to smile.
‘Weren’t you asleep?’ he was taken awake as if my non-sleeping version irritates him now, may be.
Maybe, he thinks I am not the person he met and fell for, maybe he is not aware that my concern is his irregular diet, his mismatched dresses, and hi schedule, maybe he is not aware that my concern for all the long is how he is doing, maybe he is not aware that how much I love him and how much this love increases each moment, maybe he is not aware that I am tired of waiting for his replies, I am tired doing everything myself, maybe he is not aware that sometimes his non-sleeping version irritates me, maybe he is not aware that ‘we need to talk’.
Talk endlessly about stupid things, may be why Pikachu is yellow and not orange or red or probably pink, talk about how the earth rotates, talk about ….or just feel each other.


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