The simple Theory of Life

Surprisingly the facts say, it is never over with anything, with anyone, ever, this continues, the sheer facts of submarine inside heads deflecting DNA and technology, sheer faith and unmovable fate, delivering the best one could, we keep on moving yet I am afraid to stop. Magically the only thing that binds my surrounding is the magic of love, the probable likeness, and a mirth to go on, we all are basic needs of our reactions, just a view apart and then there is no available reason not to go with life.
I hate stopping, I so so damn hate stopping for anything that makes no sense(or other side either) but to push away the forward I really have to stop at the hill station and view the trains trans their ways and make subways to the destination. Merging the very fact of being alive it is the pain of dying without doing anything worth noticeable, but then there are invisible things that work, invisible help and prayers, needless there is something that I do each day, makes difference to my life.
Unlike the fact that it seems quite boring and stops, the life force within is unstoppable, purely!
Take some important understating on the fact that it is precautious to let go of certain things sometimes, holding back is an idiotic heroic act but they give us a lot of strength to keep going with our flow, passion and understating with the life. We probably don’t understand it and sometimes it is better not to. What makes us the person we are? The revolution, each fact of vibrational frequency that merges its stories with the constellations and nebulas we all are bounded by a force that is invisible yet powerful.
Sometimes I worry what if I die without knowing anyone of them, that’s stupid I know!
Story of life is very simple, there is you, your life and a blank approach, but when you write, you set back, you get into character, now you are not just a writer but a player and then sometimes away from your starting point you are away from being a writer, this confusion is writer’s block, now there is someone who is writing your story that is you but you being a player doesn’t understand this may be because the character has no idea who created it, it just knows that it is being created again and again.
This is the simple theory of life.


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