Throughout the night I had wondered if you could see me through the windows or the same source of perception because love is a busy thing and we won’t be able to loose each other. I have found this void inside of me filling after you have touched me in a inseparable way. I know that this pain travels and touches you too but I have not got any other idea behind it, I am just supposing that it will be another mistake to not consider you into my life and let you go. I don’t know from where this is coming but I am certainly sure that we two have something in common and that’s ‘great pain’, pain reveals most of us and when found in lonely sun under the roof of no human interaction it disgusts us with most alluring beauty of nature. It’s only when we find that artificial intelligence is mere a thought and it only exists because we believe some thing else guide us but no it’s just our instinct that guide us in all possible way and no one can take us apart.



We are so busy evaluating that we forget what we really deserve, if you have got the courage kick the ball and mean while don’t try to mismatch yourself with your spectacles because beyond it lies those eyes which deserves much attention. More than what we try to give others.

Not a while ago when the elevator door opened I had wished him, again, it’s years since we were separated but I wait for something he took with himself, a part of me. Not necessarily that I am true at this but I could hold on it for sometimes and move on but he keeps something very important that had belonged to me. He denies accepting that but the pain of getting separated from my own part sometimes takes me to dizziness and nausea. These nostalgic arena of finding hallucination backdoor of my existence I had Portree a lot of emotions.

I found it interesting that no other guy could make me feel the way about me like he did may be because that part of me with him thinks about me in the same way. I am secrets away from finding myself to gulp the honesty behind my existence and this first book ends with lots of drama to be forgotten but forgiven.

A brain

That’s morinously irrational

A nose

That stinks bad

A half heart

already donated by someone

And the rest is just me!

Weird, uneasy, dishonest and amazingly racist. The dowry that was taken to design me was beyond the tandular availability. I am just a replaced case of myself. I walk where things are half broken and I recollect pieces of me hunting on planes never visited.

Love’s a cheesy thing my friend

‘Love’s a cheesy thing my friend, love is a cheesy thing. It might not smell like one but when you want to eat it, it will act you in temperament, tempt you to hold it and eat, you will count on it if you are someone who counts on calories and even if you are lactose intolerant you will eat it. You may create noises while in love but when you will know that it has nothing more to give but the void, the silence will kill you. You will not be able to shout, you will not be given days to mourn or cry. Your inner being will cry, sob, shout and give up. Every day will be a sudden journey with a new stranger finding the same taste of the cheese but mind you mozzarella and cedar both taste differently. You must have your own milk to make some cheese so that you shouldn’t just keep hands on someone else eating it. Make your own cheese, that will taste bitter at first, tasteless at second but one fine day even if someone share their cheese with you, you may toast your cheese high and say that, love is still a cheesy thing my friend’

My mom when died left me a basket of fruits, I loved strawberry and the basket had lots of them. A note was lying on the bottom which was never been read. Today when the letter was opened , finally! Said it

” I will always love you, always sweetie, you are the best”

And I thought she sad left me hidden treasure!! Sigh!

How do we deal with implacable pain, about the unheard childhood, about the misunderstood teen hood and about the unguided adulthood. There is wave and light but the darkness still stays. A small amount of disappointment and shame stays. Who listens to those mingles? Who cares?

There’s a problem with us, we have designed our lives such that, our beliefs are based on how we present ourselves. Let’s be raw and unadulterated. We all are same from inside. We love to pajamas and for some the idea of wearing all the day is a situation of extreme happiness. We don’t get happy with fancy cars and accessories, we get happy when someone appreciates us with them. Life was certainly better in woods and when fire was the best innovation. We all can be Unique and innovative, we don’t have to judge ourselves with how much we have achieved rather how much we have lived our dreams. Our lives are our biggest treasure, let’s make each other’s life a bit easy, let’s just be raw and still be happy

That is sort of ‘Close’

Reminds me of my school, those stair cases and empty corridors will be filled again, just a meditative period for the classroom, regenerative period for the wooden benches, the liabrary will miss love birds the most, the computer will wait anxiously for some naughty kid again, a deep core coder or someone checking on the randomnly. There is someone which will miss the children the most ‘The hall way’. It has seen things come and go and it has a wonderful tale to initiate the begining. Many brains come and vanish, Many hearts come and elope but only the bravest and the strongest remains.

Love , my dear love,

Can you please tell me your handbook, there must be some guide to reach you, to understand and feel the pain of being in love, what so ever it is, I am just on a mood of a swing, it just took me up and I feel the churn in my stomach for coming down, it’s great in any way. I could stop a bit and realise with the portability of your signs. Love, you must tell me how you could be felt without having the other end on hands, without having you on the swing, without even getting Attached or fall for someone else.

Anyway, you are already doing great work, keep doing that