We Don’t Understand one thing,

We will have to meet again to resolve Everything,

What appears now will disappear,

and whatever It comes shall meet Us when needed,

We will have to smile, breathe and come back,

Sooner or later when sunshine and sets apart

this universes meet and they decide

who shall we meet then?

the mirror or someone else.

She is Jolly Good Fellow

She still keeps names of her kids that gave her, we made memories and we made plans, I don’t know the very deepest principles of life but there is something common in ever relationship they must go through all kind of emotions. I still remember us sitting on the grass pads and make stories about our lives, we both were as confident about our clueless life as a blank. Those days taught me that everything comes from love, that’s the fuel which keeps us going, we keep on denying people we think are not for us and eventually end up with them, I have seen men who kept on denying a girl because of her appearance which wasn’t beautiful according to them getting married to her, I have seen girls going after rich man settling for a loving husband after all shows rich man showed them, I have seen many authors die inside with their stories every day because they could see that it is all about publicity and they have no idea what x-factor could do to them.
We slept together and we cooked, we laughed and we cried, we hugged, we shared, a beautiful part of life. Today when I woke up I realized something was missing, I realized that we are taking everything very fast, life doesn’t need speed, it needs us, we don’t need to do everything, it needs some attention. Whenever I see our pictures together I remember all those reasons I started to write, had not it been for her I would have ended up being nowhere, I understand that we have serious issues and we all have that, I understand that our views don’t match now because we both have been through many places and people but end of the day we both join our hands for each other’s.
I have felt that there are many people who never liked us together and we knew them, we laughed at them, I am proud of her, I miss her and I love her but I cannot tell her, she doesn’t read my blogs, but she is the first one to review every chapter, she believes I am blessing to her and I believe she is a gift to me, we all wonder and pray and we meet someone in our life like this, illusion travels across us and they mandatorily make changes, changes are good if they never shake our roots.
Today when we are so apart, we want to know that we have done so much to each other that we don’t want to share those memories with each other.
Out of all the planning, we have made, this one was the best.
I know we feel lost most of the times, we see that things are variable emotional to both of us, sometimes she feels I don’t understand her especially with her boyfriend and sometimes I feel I might lose her, sometimes we both want to tell each other something but something else comes.
I believe we must forgive each other and walk away. Things might get better when we forgive.

The Kind of You

The way we used to talk, I swear on chocolates, I have never felt so grooming ever in my life. Suddenly the weather used to slow down and even the hottest kind of the wind was alluring, I have made compliances of our  footprints on your voice, harder to tell but you gave me wings towards dreams, I am just assuming that these changes are effective, suddenly if at all to find out that these beautiful memories actually takes me to those lanes where we last left and I broke my cell phone and we never talked again. I am ashamed that I still miss you and you could never think of me back then, I am angry that why it has to be me to bear this survival and you are having your own set of new relationship, I am confused why I have to be kept aback from all those happiness of leaving like you did to yourself, I wonder if there is some fair share of living for people in relationship. We both can be happy staying out of each other. If ever I should have to believe that I deserve equal share of happiness as well and that when you left me has nothing to do with me or my fault, you walked away because you wanted to not because there was something you did not find in me, I am not here to please you, we are here to share love, equal and generic kind of love.

Why couldn’t I ever understood that I wasn’t actually the reason behind your unhappiness, we all choose our parts of migrations, you chose yours and each time you come to my thoughts I wonder what do I miss more, you? Or the feeling that I had for myself when I had you.

I want to share the last part of our relationship with you today, about all the feelings I could never have fought back, I probably miss the person I thought you were.

Should we talk again? About everything we thought the world was collaborated with, did we pass the building of our balcony Again?, about our dreams being together, about you promising me to keep happy forever and I secretly enhancing that feeling of beauty along the way?

Roof above our heads might have cheated on us

But our roots still sing together

Each time it shade the night, the sun is always a quarter day away

Hopes work that way, always to be on our sides.

Map the feelings and everything that your nerves feed itself

Will bring you back to me,

You will see how much there was in my heart for you

To tell you in different part we will change the view

Surely we will move as we gear up to the pebbles of wind

The stream beneath our feet will remind us of where we come from

One day, when we will confront each other, I pray that day I am not guilty of losing you.

To my sister, I am Sorry

She was very young, 13 years young to me, she was like my own child, today I want to confess everything I felt was unfair to her. Starting from the initial days of our lives we were very close and really very close, her protection always haunted me, she was a girl anyway, cute and pampering one of the family. She always spoke truth and that made it scarier, she was one of her kind, god like creation with different kind of spark in her, she brought me back to love where I found myself again and again. Each time I felt lost her smile brought me back to her, my home was a better place now. Sooner when I realized our age differences were broader than we could handle and my teen blood gave me shocks of having fun, I am sure she felt lost, she cried each day in school when I stopped meeting her during lunch, she stopped making friends, her whole life was into me and I did not care, was I diverted to death?

I am not sure but I have really hurt a child’s heart who gave all she had to me, how lucky was I to have her all the time.

Once she gifted me a makeup kit that she saved from her own pocket money, how gracious that would have been, I was  traveling to some relatives and another sweet girl took that and never returned it, when I informed this to her she was taken back, she felt heart broken, I felt guilty, I don’t know how I will ever make things better.

Starting from the very small things to biggest faults of my life where she was being ignored, I feel sorry. We ignored her birthdays and she cried alone, how selfish this whole growing up things make us, she is the reason I hate most of the things in my life.

Sooner when I realized that I was being offensively mean I gathered my image back to her, giving her nurturing support as much as I could and I have been doing that after all my summers, I miss all those days I was being a rude sister to my kid-sister and today when I look back I couldn’t gather courage to make things into better. A lot have been taught to me via life in this period, I have grown into very compassionate woman and now I have all my motherly feelings attached to this whole universe, especially her.

She is different, in ways.

Well, today it’s her again and I don’t know how to concentrate on anything else since I have found her, I find her in everything, everything that I hold, the more I think of today the more I feel happiness tracing my part of love, when there is so much happening around she keeps me calm. Every day before I sleep I think of her, she must have had me in any part of her dream. She dreams a lot, every day when she arrives office she narrates me about what she had watched yesterday, I hear her calmly, I want her to speak so that I can see her red glossy lips, when she is done narrating her whole day plans she gets quite for sometimes, all of a sudden. I wonder what keeps her so silent nowadays, is it all that thoughts I had for her that she knew or there is something she is hurt, she does not share anything with me, she doesn’t.
I used to be her story listener and if you ask me about the best portions of my life, it was when she narrated me all of them equally, all of a sudden I used to be in distant lands and when I had returned this world was instantly a better place. When she had brought me herself, I should have understood, I should not have given ears to ladies who were jealous of her, who told me how she was to them, deep within I was aware she was different but as far as I know her, she holds the beauty of life, wherever she goes, whoever she matter, she makes them live again from the beginning, as far as I have felt her, I haven’t seen something that is so adorable and amazing at the same time, she drives me the definition of love and strength, I deny everything everyone has ever told me about her, she id different in ways but not the way everyone described her to me, it took me late to distinguish between my own feelings and the feelings I got from anybody else.
She is different, in ways.


Write because that’s what you are born for, write not because someone will read it, write because it opens your heart, write whenever you feel guilty, write whenever you are happy, write to express and make life better, write every time, write your own story and tell the world, write because someone wants to know you, write because ‘you’ want to know yourself, write because the world is awaiting you to do so, write because there is life in each word, write because that brings you close, write a letter to your parents, write them how much grateful you are to have them, write a letter to your best friend tell them how much they mean to you, write and explore your thoughts, write to be a better person, write because that is what life is cal. Write your deepest fear and wrote your deepest happiness, write and then share so that someone else who is in the same journey as yours will know that there is life in writing, write to forgive and forgive write to move on, write your own story, again and again. Write with your heart and write everything that you are afraid of, write because that hurts and when you complete writing read it, read everything that made you stronger, read it because that is what life is offering you. Read your life and then never give up reading it, f you don’t like it change, and then fall in love with yourself, no one hates you, you hate yourself and if you think that is not true think again, I am not asking you to be hard on yourself but to review your life and see what is bothering you. Write to everyone who made you feel special someday. Write yourself from the beginning and stop yourself from writing things again and again, when you will write yourself you will meet someone who writes like you an or who doesn’t know how to write, this world is mystical and if you don’t write someone else will write, write yourself till the day, each day and then publish, publish yourself to share who you are, what you have learnt and how far this learning is helping you. Share yourself with someone who wants to know you better, share yourself with god and with everything he did for you. Love yourself till you write and read, keep doing that.

Thank You

The journey was beautiful, Thank you so much, I am overwhelmed with your joyful reading and beautiful mails. Each time we all shared each other’s views and helped each other to grow my heart felt really wonderful. I am in another journey for now, I am taking a leap from every social space including blog and my magazine and spiritual classes, and it was really wonderful to be connected to all. If something Urgent kindly call me in my new number. I wish you good luck with yours.

Much Love.


Way back To You

Everyone is scared

Everyone is scared of their own thoughts

We all are same by heart

We want to be good so that someone else is bad

Good is good and that makes us different

Why we don’t want to be good because

Everyone else is good as well?

There are question I don’t understand

But human kind is way ahead of it

If they have heart why do they use brain to manipulate?

Heart cannot manipulate, it can only love

Amount of hatred you shower and less you value

You will find why things have gone other ways

If you have courage to be yourself?

You can be anything you want

Once when you get people are wrong

Change yourself, people are no different

Love which heals and solves,

Either god or goodness,

Everything is just the same,

Everything is just the same.

Being feminist


The real action lies in the word ‘we want to stand equally to men’, the statement itself states that there is inequality in it, unless we really believe that we all are same with the same pair of intelligence and understanding, we are just lost in the illusions made by some set of men and women who never had entertainment in their lives. The affiliation to speak the truth while making judgmental errors consider the tropical situation understand to the further acceptance.

We all are already equal, we believe so but we don’t want to show that, gender equality doesn’t only mean for a woman, it also mean the same for the men, as long as a woman can be strong and soft, a man can be soft and strong as well. We are so perched to fight for what’s already there we forget that our thoughts are the major issue behind what’s all going in. while we make certain choices to get through the situation by the time illusions have already made it to a major throwback.

While we see that woman are working two shifts, one at home one at office, not to neglect the fact that men do the same somewhere, we must accept and believe that we women are deserving of being served, most of us do not accept their help because that’s not our culture teaches us, we all are educated but yet we all direct ourselves to the machines of code understanding, we are happy with the ties of life where it’s difficult to express our feelings towards the authenticity of reality.