My mom when died left me a basket of fruits, I loved strawberry and the basket had lots of them. A note was lying on the bottom which was never been read. Today when the letter was opened , finally! Said it

” I will always love you, always sweetie, you are the best”

And I thought she sad left me hidden treasure!! Sigh!


How do we deal with implacable pain, about the unheard childhood, about the misunderstood teen hood and about the unguided adulthood. There is wave and light but the darkness still stays. A small amount of disappointment and shame stays. Who listens to those mingles? Who cares?

There’s a problem with us, we have designed our lives such that, our beliefs are based on how we present ourselves. Let’s be raw and unadulterated. We all are same from inside. We love to pajamas and for some the idea of wearing all the day is a situation of extreme happiness. We don’t get happy with fancy cars and accessories, we get happy when someone appreciates us with them. Life was certainly better in woods and when fire was the best innovation. We all can be Unique and innovative, we don’t have to judge ourselves with how much we have achieved rather how much we have lived our dreams. Our lives are our biggest treasure, let’s make each other’s life a bit easy, let’s just be raw and still be happy

That is sort of ‘Close’

Reminds me of my school, those stair cases and empty corridors will be filled again, just a meditative period for the classroom, regenerative period for the wooden benches, the liabrary will miss love birds the most, the computer will wait anxiously for some naughty kid again, a deep core coder or someone checking on the randomnly. There is someone which will miss the children the most ‘The hall way’. It has seen things come and go and it has a wonderful tale to initiate the begining. Many brains come and vanish, Many hearts come and elope but only the bravest and the strongest remains.

Love , my dear love,

Can you please tell me your handbook, there must be some guide to reach you, to understand and feel the pain of being in love, what so ever it is, I am just on a mood of a swing, it just took me up and I feel the churn in my stomach for coming down, it’s great in any way. I could stop a bit and realise with the portability of your signs. Love, you must tell me how you could be felt without having the other end on hands, without having you on the swing, without even getting Attached or fall for someone else.

Anyway, you are already doing great work, keep doing that


Life’s a long journey

It’s a good thing!

Life’s a part of our journey, our own timeline

We at life do many things,

We don’t die one day,

We just complete the journey and move on to another!

I told ya! Life’s a journey.



Sometimes you don’t chose between the choices of the life, sometimes it creates for you. Like for one day life decides for you that there will be No job from tomorrow, all of a sudden you won’t be interested in doing anything, not even in taking new credit courses. Your life will want you to lie down on the bed and think, think about what you have done and what more you can do. May be one day life decides more or less and there is no end, there is no surprise, there could be pain and no excitement, and suddenly there will be love, happiness and a lot more. Who knows!!

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Hey, it’s been long right.

Hi I am Leo and no matter how much this world claims to be lonely I prefer tell you the truth of our existence.

But before that let’s take a walk.

That’s petty, her owner thinks she is bit awkward with the environment, well I don’t blame her. She stares her food for long hours before peeing in it. What a crazy fellow.

Well she had seen god, she tells me that.

I haven’t seen god ever but I believe we must trust each other but I hackle on her sometimes, she doesn’t mind. She is good.

yeahs well pretty soon we all will grow up and we will have responsibility and to wear that burden I will have to wear a helmet too. Imagine me wearing a helmet will look extremely weird and annoying. I have vivid dreams few nights and some of them come when I am just taking a nap from my owners’ privacy.

That’s zZzzZzZ it looks cool. But what’s more cool is his girlfriend, oh boy, you must see her add on those makeup. I stare at her and she thinks it’s pretty, someone tell her I was hitting on her, who knows someday she takes me home and offer me a pan cake.

Partly I sleep quite a lot to wake up to another world but there are so much to see in this reality which is not even quarter of what I see there, I am in a great dilemma. I wish one day I become a great dog to keep my name in the history. Except those ‘heuuyyy uouuuu cutiiie pie, pumpkin come here’ what happens to their voice when they see me. I am sexy I know but what ignites so much in those girls I greet at park.

Surprisingly I am not making any voice right now, it was a long day and I met few new good humans, very rare to find now a days.

Hope to see you again!!!

When the night will be dim

When the light will shadow and come and go

When the sky will be less bright and about to fall

When to understand life we take challenges

When the night will be dim and we don’t want to see it again

A slightest of small hand will trespass your trust and the throw of happiness will be engulfing your skin

A small random walk and a cup cake will maintain the solemn cup of tea

It won’t hinder the aristocracy and it won’t hinder the soup

Full of a spoon and a dirty handkerchief will swap through your skin and we make certain valuable presence

Our skin is akin to surrounding and we don’t want to understand why?

It could be anything but if that’s where we stand we have a serious problem

It could be anything and we can be anywhere but remember that something has its own clock

They tackle our heavy doses and pushes us back to our bodies and soul

We can not bring it along but we can make changes our nation and live in it

A drip and a drop will not make things better

But a breathe will definitely do

Along the way changes take over and be ready for it b cause tea time is when the night takes a low and sun rises above the soul

Red and green we are taking various decisions, if that takes time give it some and sip the tea