some, somewhere, unheard

who do you think is Perefect here? makes sense uh!

well, That is true, something is really perfect around you, may be that is why you are trying to compare yourself. how long do you think will this competition help you? snatching, pulling and deceiving? who do you think is telling you to apply those strategies? what do you gain?

trust me, there is a peace hidden behind back of our heads which desires yawning and expelling the energy out.

how long will this take you around, the anger and frustration.

somewhere it will have to stop.

then what?

what will you do when everything will come back to you, when suddenly everything you have desired for others come to you, you could feel the control of the universe, the god plays, right time. whenever, wherever when you know you can not control. you must have done something.

large part of our life and slowest of all scenes.

slowly , this eats.

don’t let it.

confine and promise and let it free.

forgive and love.

there is so much to this sentence. to the verification of society and naturalist. we must make pledges to breed the grass.

apply the principles which takes human efforts, if you think you can take away someone’s everything, I will remind you that, there is no such power which can do that, may be you are not looking at the consequences of your own feelings.

sometimes the hardest and the toughest brings the bestest.

Dear life, Qoute me!


Existing to the end. where rivers stops flowing and terminate

they originate again and the force is ineviatable.

You take me there, bind me, hollow me, empty me and qoute me.

when slowly the emerging beauty of life’s very own magnificience will bloom

catch me, hold me ,put me together & qoute me.



So that we can move on

When love enters to our life again and again we must not knock it down, all ththe winds are entering the tunnel of my life and I could see that blessings appears to us only when we need it.

It just turned out to the greatest day of my life at once, I was called to Toronto at one of the tedX talks and it turned out that I met someone who gave me stories, he talked about things I had always wanted to hear and he told me how we as humans overthink at single paradise but then it’s not our fault. Slowly he made me understand that it’s alright not to understand everything, so politely.

We talked and stayed connected. Days turned into nights and we talked about pokaemon , misty and ash. We fought why pikachu could be a hero and he denied saying psyduck was more capable, what on earth satisfies it?

How did you get through it,No evidence of Cancer

So I was asked how did you manage to get through such ‘bug’ disease. Well I have answer to it but I had tried to explain that I believe in No disease and thus anything that we don’t believe in doesn’t stay.

I kept telling myself that I was healthy and it worked I believed that it is curable and thus it helped me cure it. Even if nothing is evidence to what has happened in my life a part of my brother always believed in the miracles. We have been to many temples, pilgrimage and shrines but among all that was fruitful was one from our lady , she helped in gathering the faith and gavin me inner strength to keep going.

Suddenly I felt it would be good if I stop talking to people who believed I was sick b cause it was the only way I could forget what I had previously believed in. To calm down and to recreate the creativity.

We went to trees and hugged them, my songs of disease came back but we had to believe in what we have learnt so my brother left his job to stay with me while he kept his practice on and god gave his hands to us. 

He would talk to me like a friend gave me advices took few from me, those were the best days of my life.

Truly the experience gave me an insight into myself as if they were for a purpose I would sink into those days sometimes but he would bring me back. I would give up but he would stay calm till I give my faith back on him. I had to do it for him.

Quite few days that I feel the freedom of being healthy to the greatest faith and gratitude with lots of ne strength to do whatever I used to do before. Suddenly I had so much positive insight into life that nothing brothers me, I am happy and is visible in my speech, everyone chooses what it brings to us and I had chosen many of them but with my brother and best friend around I finally did it. It feels great to hold NEC(no evidence of cancer) because only the one who had been through those painful days know how it feels to be into something  which eats us all the time, I have seen days when I thought I would not make through it, I had messaged my loved once about it but somehow I guess life wants me to greet great things.

Thank you

I wish all the good health to you! Love

The universe,existence and new planets

While the earth on it’s 12 round to the mars recently making a wonderful crossover to the new planets nearby which then sets curiosity to find few more friends from the world other world. Proven facts about life in other planets with advanced lifestyles is not judgemental anymore. Our team has found variety of reasons to believe in the fact about their existence. Making a significant milestone with the offshore reasons to take a frequent guard on the logical manifestation.

Earning to th be facilitate the new terminology to ththe universe which once was just a mystery there are more revealed mysteries now and no matter how much there are more to know a single point initiations near nebulas are behind the walls of warm holes. 

The recent philosophical control management debates on the new generation birth of planets but they have been there always may be missed by the telescopes on ththe mission, one such greater things which is been noticed now a days is how occupied the variety of management federation are organising themselves with the orientation of thof available duties.

All together there are new sciences to describe the mechanics and mechanisms but to one such thing which fascinates me to the core is it’s ability to handle everything inside the ionosphere of the jungles, it’s very much visible with th radars that there are few solemnly seen but ever existing philosophies for the article of small new particles on each of the spheres of languages. They allow one another to communicate between each other about the new things entering their physical ranges, fainting, very fascinating about how there are intelligence in everything challenging the human attribute to judge the intelligence factors to know how everything around us already knows everything before we could know that they know it.

While I write

Missing mom a bit, even if there are people around but it’s never going to be same I guess, the house is silent though there are people chirping and television honking, well to all the channels I assume the unsubscribed are the most interesting, what a kind woman she was, indeed her visible aura and caring hands are being kissed may be I am missing more of her, these stair cases reminds me of all the hide and seeks we have played, how many times I was about to fall from here but she saved, so much was there indeed in my mind while I was trying to escape it, well then things changed. One such day I felt the real loneliness but it’s not the thing, things went well and I gave a deep thought on life and i things it’s where I fought the real isolation. 

I am missing the smell kitchen have before, early morning prayers, insincere sticks and our arranged rooms, one must not dare to peep my room now, I know the perceptions. My cupboards are occupied with things I haven’t used for years but they can’t be thrown or donated because they have the last touch my mom gave to it while she was arranging it, one may think I am being rude to my life but if seen through my eyes it will make sense. Dragon misses mom too, she was the only one from who he used to take bath rest all could be fooled, papa misses her a lot I can see that, we can’t cook, bhaiya can but rest two of us are good for pampers and even if he doesn’t say that he misses her the most. All our responsibilities as a father and as a mother came to him, I know ther are families worst than what I see in ours where functionality is not monarch or other democratic environment. I am missing her b cause I am hungry and I  want to eat something which is healthy and tasty at the same, I am wish if I could really tell someone how does it feel, I wish if I could have someone who wouldn’t have tell me these feelings as nagging because it hurts, I wish to have my friends back in the city now, this city needs the lights it has lost and the life it seeks. I wish fir everything to settle down for great again.

Somewhere in between the lines

Sometimes we should not fight back, sometimes we should not resist, we must wait and see the strength of thof situation, sometimes all we need is to let it be as it is and accept, struggling around those strings makes it ideally stronger and inescapable. All the world around us and the one we look into has some differences, there are less common but more likeness. I am just truly satisfied with everything I have and this happiness is the real grace of my life, I wasn’t making sure about th fact but you brought me back to alignment and now things are better and visible from this fog. Currently when we are making our goals at many levels we must also make sure that this world is a happy place because of us. 

Sometime in this morning when I finished my morning rituals of meditation and chanting I discovered that everything was destined for a better reason, sometimes I wonder about the decisions I have made but there is nothing that I could do to them. I will just have to wait for some more signs before I proceed. Well things are pretty amazing at home and there is no greater place than this heaven, especially when you have your pets who loves you beyond imagination, yet the wto to pressure doesn’t delay to leave us and so much at once, yet when they lick my face, bring their bowls when hungry an their innocent vibes gives me life, now I know what was missing out there. Well so much to complet by today evening before I log back to the desirable sleep.

Love, lets meet at dinner!

June to be Promised

The only way I could listen to the lost paradise was to go back to the days where we left everything, I felt that I was lost and this change was mere a significant judgment on the road where we might have met again and again. The journey is based on the betterment and I allow myself to look into this matter because it hurts not to find you most of the times, Only when I go nearer to the reality and find that it was always you who have given me strength to carry on. Honey! This is such a strange moment for me, This achievement makes me no excited, I feel as if it is just another milestone, on this earth when we were both trying hard to make this dream come true. I understand that it has been really difficult all of a sudden and infect I have talked a lot in this matter to Mayank and he thinks we could redefine our lives with new people around, how is it possible? How could someone ask me to reconsider your place, it is impossible leave alone being difficult. Another way to tell you this is that even if the thing that seeks itself into clauses of absolute availability I was taking another partial roadmap towards the journey that we have started.

I washed the teddy bear you gifted on my 8th birthday, it stays with me all the time, secret is that it even went with me on exam hall, I went to your home yesterday, I found out that its easy to breathe in there, your mom seems sick now a days and things aren’t going well in our family sweetheart, I feel that I have not acted right so far and I feel that the city has grown to very hot weather, may be because Bangalore was calmer compared to this, suddenly the vapors of life are spreading humid but still it’s our city and we have homes here, so I was just checking in, into your home, more like a garbage tin now, things spread everywhere, I have managed to clean the room where they normally spend more time instead she resisted me, I felt really bad, what have we done to our homes? I feel pity on myself for leaving them alone here, I feel that all the dreams that I have seen for us is really small if I compare to what had happened behind us, here. When I came back I felt caged again, as if these walls are pulling me towards the pain and depression, it’s very fascinating that gradually our lives have changed, so much have changed, so much, so  very much and this change is eating me from everywhere making me hungry of nothing. Where should I start with? What should I talk to them?

Just a moment ago your mother called me, she asked me for dinner over night, I am going to your home again and I am sure she will bring out your photo album, talk to me about your childhood, I cannot make them forget you, I cannot make a mother feel that his son is always around him, I cannot make a father feel that his old age is not a burden to him, to his sister who is trying to smile, sweetie why are you showing me all these things? Why did you attract me back to these things again? Why I have to see all such horrible situations, it’s not done, why are you doing this to me? I have had successfully ran away from here right, then why did you bring me again over to the same place, same situation, the same faces.

In the short run I met Viraj yesterday, what a change. Mayank apparently does not want to talk about it, as if he wanted to kill each part she had. Anyhow we have moved on and the name makes no sense to him anymore, he felt the love and I have felt the affection. We had a good night altogether, we ate ice-cream at midnight, prepared Maggie with milk and I am telling you there was no better idea to have a fight over it, I am graceful towards the moment when his brain did not go very far behind this.

Well your plants have grown, in spite your suspecting and logical research they have grown to really good heights, naughty has grown up too, adopting two more cats and a Dog soon. So much for tonight? Will update you about the dinner tomorrow if it do not leave me emotionally challenged. Love you and miss you honey!

connecting the hyperlinks


where there I stand with my bags pack still wondering If I should really leave? Or wait for some miracle to happen, I may be done with this relationship but something in me really wants that it should work out regularly, I wish If I did not have to move like this, I wish someone should call me and stop me from doing whatever I am doing without plans, I am rather confused for the moment, so many thoughts at once and I am not trying my best to explain this, where this one decision will take me? will it take me home or will I drop myself again where I last held myself back? So much to look into but whatever I am causing myself is completely my own ignorance to myself. I just want this to work out best, while I am leaving you sleeping here I feel really awkward of walking out of your life now, the forever is not so forever as it appears and I was just trying to make things work out in a better way, I do not know where this life will take me to and when will be the next time we meet, where ever we see this, whenever we will see this I hope happy memories flows through this. Amen, I wish all good things in life, Love you…. Good Bye!

Pans-lanes & Good Bye

I am leaving, Yes I am leaving From all this chaos and Distinguishing matters
but why?
I have no idea, given the situation the best choice that appears,
what next?
No idea, I don’t know and I don’t want to know, I have gained enough for the moment, enough money for my journey, enough Fame and everything that this material world calls success.

Image result for travelling cartoon
where am I going?
somewhere, in between us, the chosen distance and where ALWAYS is not a factor.
what have I planned?
Nothing, seriously nothing, I have had planned and they never worked so I am trying No plan working paradigm, I may be away from everything but I have got new friends over here, new family kind of friends where I feel honesty is the key, and that we’re starting over again and maybe it is late for few but better late than never, I am holding a passionate dream for this new imperial thing,

Image result for hugging cartoon imagesI want to travel with you now, where you take me with you I will head, the distant lands are calling me, it is calling me with purpose, I have finally understood that this world is really not a better place now and that maybe everyone is selfish for a better reason and I had to accept it, I could not change this system, I could not even change a person for good, I feel stupid and I am heading with you to make me a better person now, come On Baby, let us make our ways now. From now on…what say?