Spiritually available

Oblivion, we all fear oblivion and thus we are creating our images in machine age. I see revolution and valuation, I see that a greatest power is approaching us but are we safe to accept that change or are we ready to understand it yet?!

Many talk about awareness awakening and spiritual instances they have encountered? Really! The calm in us isn’t very much real yet, we can’t even distinguish between human and soul yet, how are we experiencing so much sprinting awakening all of a sudden? Or are we just assuming!

True to the fact let me consider that this earth is nothing but a small piece of rubber ball which bounces back every time you throw it , is it gravity? No that’s another part of physics, you don’t apply Young’s modulus here just because you can stream a large piece of rubber or because it’s flexible which indeed should be our first guess given a practical implementation and thus this ensures that our spiritual awakening is not complete yet, we are just assuming our growth.

Real growth isn’t very easy of available, one must thrive the focus and slip the hurdles to understand the practicality of sentence adherence.

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