Honey, the love would come I promise.

I can not tell you how much loving my new job is, it’s been quite a time that I wrote it to you. I am enjoying being the boss anyway. You were right I needed to change what I couldn’t anyway think of. I chose this life or anyway the vice versa but things are quite to the infinity.

Today something wonder happened, a guy in his mid 20s came to me with something no one could have solved, given that I unconsciously solved his problem and his girlfriend jumped to my cabin with sweets and balloons. I thought that I might miss you a bit. That kind and lovable gesture reminded me of how beautiful my life is with you.

How is your higher education going on, is it torturing enough to forget me? Or is it that the mail person is not doing his duty well. It was last Sunday that I was waiting for your mails given that it’s quite a holiday but normally your letters arrive on Sundays.

Post to that I forgot to tell you that our tree has grown and our tom is behaving indeed like a master brat now a days, he would not eat chicken, I think he misses you too.

Fine, enough of me, the pond is clear like always and the boats arrive at them many a times. I haven’t seen any dolphins lately but I think bhimpy the whale would come some day, rides are normal and I broke our favourite boat. I couldn’t maintain its requirement and hence its behaving abnormal to the core. Please come soon we must do something about that.

Our neighbours are all same, quite and irritating but sometimes we talk, they are nice person given that their kids are bit noisy.

I still listen to your track and jam, sometimes I forget to take my lunch, office is bit busy. Our old friends visit me, asks me about you and we all laugh and play, we do leave you a video sometimes but I think you are too busy to check , you read my blogs, so I had to write it here

Miss you baby!

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