#1 week challenge

Every now and then between traffic and tight schedule every heart wants to reschedule. Every 9 out of 10 wants to restart and many of us never want to grow up. We are on a platform where everything is available expect the answer ‘why’.

Why do have to perform everything, why can’t it be normally available without a fight. A lot and lot has been there in the head and heart.

Let’s not dignify it a bit or challenge our inner voice. It’s a calling.

Let’s just sit here for a moment switch off our devices and take a breathe. We will have to understand that within every hustle there is a terminating belief that we are born for something unique.

Let’s dig down to the challenges of our life, just take a leap of faith and promise to follow a single unified prescription for life.

This one week challenge requires a little dedication and a little cuteness.

For day one we will just fix ourselves to the following rules:

//// STAY AWAY FROM ELEMENTS WHO BRINGS YOU DOWN. Think good thoughts and if possible avoid digital cravings/////

Let’s begin the phase and notice the difference at the end.


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