On some beauty day

On some beautiful day I met my girl all muddy and messed but her beauty was already flawless in her clean eyes. She was visibly shining beyond someone could know and her very presence was alteration of personification. Everyday there were enough noise around me but today everything was visibly blurred and I heard only few words I unknown to my world. I heard her.

Defining every possible way she was some how perfect but my friends said she isn’t my type. I have already un- friended them.

Today my world seems complete with her, just two of us and we haven’t decided the name of our new existence. To the top of everything I am trying to find my own significance.

Behind the curtains when her visible blurred shiny hair twinkled my whole life’s gathered courage just dumped and dimmed itself to negligence.

Throughout my life I have wondered what missed my small portion of ego, it was alternative and very precise- she!

To top up my bloody desperation she was ignoring every possible fact of my existence, I haven’t felt more concerned of my presence before. She couldn’t look into my eye while in her hurry. She was continuously threshing her anger and I was……

To be continued …..


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