So there was this one very huge guy.. he had powers, at least he thought so. He grabbed others and squeezed their powers into him thinking that he might grow more powerful but forgetful of his own deeds once he squeezed a cactus. He was eating thorns because now he has built his life on others’ energy. Soon that guy grew into a monster and he had no idea 💡 on why he was turning into a very different being.

There are sources of energy, sun moon and the sky, ocean being the most delicate of all gives energy to those who preserve the environment. Slowly the guy went mad, he developed emotions like anger and jealousy. He was a good guy dwelling on powers.

Power if not used wisely destroys many things. It inherits into many things other people are not aware of. It’s a trap that only wise people fall into to re emerge wisely.

His plane turned into a barren land because once he ate the thorns his body just radiated energetic vibes and he felt drained. He lost his memory to drain powers and soon he was powerless. It all started the day when he fought his variance against his wills.

It appears to many that more power gives liability to ensure more energy from others only if one knew that power leads to many different things and this whole nature is built on a principle.

There is nothing to fear about , we are all under something very powerful, I am not aware of other fate policies of its.


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