₹Be a angel to someone

A lot is in the air about the evil eye, don’t laugh with your heart or someone is eyeing you for your bad luck.

Now seriously?

What if I pray the same happiness to the other person, will it neutralise the effect or I will be the one in pain and the other in peace.

World and rules doesn’t go like this, there are certain principles in which this whole world works. The first one that governs everything is a FREE WILL. Without which one can’t have the liability to access another’s energy field.

Now let us take a case study, I went to a wonderful evening with my fiancé and we were celebrating a small reunion because we live in two countries. He was in India and I got to celebrate a bit. A lady next to us lost her husband and was sitting there lonely. I came to know about her story the first thought that came to my mind is that I wished her all great fortunes in this world with a loving life partner. There was an instant change in her behaviour because she felt what I sent her. She was instantly smiling and eating her food. Later that evening I went to her and asked why is she sitting there alone, she told me that it’s her favourite place and it’s where she and her husband met before marriage. That was a sweet memory and she told me that today she felt Vertika different there , a positive change as if her husband wanted her to experience good things. It never happened to her before, may be no one thought about her that same way. I came to understand that our thoughts about others effects them up to some level specially when they are in their very lower states.

Next time if you feel someone is eyeing you feel love for them, they probably don’t understand why they are doing so but your one thought about themselves will change everyone’s life around.

Be a angel to someone


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