You know what do I desire? I desire many things some of them might be highly Unrealistic. I want to go out meet different people eat different food. Own my car and house take my parents on word tour send my sibling to foreign university. I have a heart unknown to any because I never found courage to set out and meet different people. I always had this energy problem like I could only sit and talk with people with good energy and vibes. I had friends and I talk to many of them but I think I crave for something else. Something in me does everyday like every time I code something I know I don’t desire to be a software engineer anymore not that the job is boring or something but everything around is has set itself limits and deadlines. I want my wings to grow back so that I can think diversity. I never wanted to cling to any job, I never had any desires so far, I just remained true to studies. I have stories to narrate and I did them in different ways. Sometimes few things never come back and sometimes few things never leave . I am in middle of that chaos in my mind where there are different options available to me and I don’t want to go to any one of them. I have a different route designed already I just need to find that stair. You know our desires are so highly attached to us that it forces us to take next birth sometimes. There are theories unresolved I want to go and find the real answer . I want to go to dates again fall in love and mend my broken heart. I have so much in my bucket that sometimes I wonder if this one life will be enough.

Truly yours


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