Visit my local voltage

Forget the girl who dreamt high or forget the girl who thought that there is everything for everyone. I am talking about one unknown character in my head whose story is similar to many other stories but there is particularly a missing hinge where she defines her multiple presence. I wish I had same powers like hers. She can switch on and off herself any given time. Her cruel mother lends her not so good times and yet she manages to catch fire, initiate club timings and also attends local meetings. Her head is not just a meaningless fellow it has got a shot. A thing where she makes her presence completely visible to herself.

She tries to manifest the greater secrets of life and sends invisible owls to places. Her dignity around is sophisticated and she turns no stone up to suitable 💎 .

She must know something that helps her deal with things unpleasant in taste and feeling. She roars and flies and settles for none.


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