Happy story

The soothing night outside and waves clashing the shore. I am exactly on time for a week day view. The moon glowing outside and couples transmitting the love vibes and there are sticks hitting cemented cores of sea lashes.

I wonder how it feels to be someone. Like is it everlasting or do they know about the truth between them. I have seen people lie and fake to stay together.

That little adjustment is quite beyond the story of my books.

Well I read quite a lot, like people socialise I surround myself with those pages and characters. I think 💭 people call it madness but to be trusted ❤️ I don’t actually think about anything much now a days.

I am actually breathing 🐝 my life and it’s pretty 😎 cool to stay aware.

I have quite given up on impressing people or accepting living standards to attract few group of humanly bodies. It’s better from here.

The moon 🌙 never brighter, trees never 🌲 so fascinating, sometimes escaping from everything is a good 😊 experience.


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