My friend’s father is acting terribly since few days. I was invited to her house for a warming party but trust me I have went there before. I personally do not like the way his dad thinks. He is very disappointed in something and it reflects very strongly when he comes near me. His whole thought process is very un-clever. He keeps mumbling like this whole world is a shitty place and people are cruel. I don’t wonder if he keeps meeting the same kind of thing. I am taken aback when one day he deliberately tells me that this whole world is behind him.

He has got a lovely family; my friend herself is very calm and composed. I love spending time with her but I am sure that every time she thinks of going back home her foot are taken aback. I can feel the dignity she is holding to keep her family safe. Her father is a nice guy I cannot deny it but he is naturally killing his ways and opportunities with this foul behaviour. If you go near him his mouth smells and it’s a sign that he has terrible feelings inside of him.

I suggested her few things to try with but since she has her own life it is causing her distress. I just want to make her life fulfilling again. Sometimes our natural belief do not help us in long run, her father was under some kind of bad influences and his group of friends from childhood including some of the closest relatives comes out to be really negative. So it was very natural for him to be like that.

I am sure it is very hard for him too. She tried telling him, yelling at him and doing everything to make him believe that our words and self-talk creates a huge difference in our lives. He would not take that in.

He is kind of enjoying his own behaviour, he thinks that to be good he the whole world will have to be bad; he is not trying enough to forgive.

It’s time that we choose between people; it’s hard for her to abandon him for obvious reasons.

To help her with this, I including few of my other friends who are involved in healing tried a bit of fun. We are trying to rewire him but since we are not very of the closest to his soul it is difficult.

Yet our prayers may help!


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