The Guy-1

So this guy was working at a private firm, very good company as they maintained to say but trust him he was already in a trap. For the people who saw him it was a huge success and a reward for his mother’s prayer while he was facing an interview. To have a campus selection is a huge marking if you can bid to gather a good company. Exclude the mass recruitment, only few were selected in it. The fantastic 5 were all set for their first day and this guy has this very stupid feeling in his heart already. He was disturbed because I couldn’t think between his thoughts and what the machine was trying to say. There was a huge war in his head, he couldn’t sleep for days. Suddenly he was afraid of losing something. All these years, his 23 years of life he was very carefree, had enough bank balance to support his desires. Everything was so perfect unless a day when he thought that earning money was not an easy ass thing. He tried to manipulate his ideas and convey it to the table of meeting room. Many agreed but none showed any interest. It works like that. This whole drama of pathetic situation around this professionalism and corporate where fresh looking faces are already dying inside. These already dying people pull fresh looking interns and fresher to die with them. No one wants them to suffer less.

The process starts with a recruiting form and it grows with a typical introduction. When the recruiter asked him to introduce him in 5 seconds he was trying to collect which one should he speak first, his first catch at the field or his first love. He kept quiet for a few moments.

He was selected. No one knows how. Everyone appreciated but he knew deep inside his heart that he did not deserve this yet he took the job, went on first day. Tried wrong lift, went wrong floor and reached the office 15 minutes late.



To be continued…..


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