I heard someone’s love ❤️

While we are always destined but I found him on some unreal plane. I was traveling and those days flights were real fun, those were my first flight I guess at international and someone greeted my brother.

Oh yeah! That little boy with whom I shared a glass of milk when I was just a toddler.

‘Hi’ he for added the hands in between the conversation. We couldn’t recognise him but his parents.

I couldn’t forward my hands to him, I was too occupied in my protective environment to initiate a talk anyway.

We knew each other but 12 years is a long time and a lot must have changed. I remember how his mum would narrate us the story of the cow who gave us that milk. I was always the one who never said no to the good but talked very less or mostly jerked my head for the clarification.

So is it it? My heart gave a beat while shaking hands with him. My both hands went to touch his handshake. Strange because as soon as I forwarded my both hands he did it too and suddenly the voices in the background stopped and we heard ourselves laugh and listen to stories his mum always said, I heard him call my nick name very unfamiliar because I haven’t heard that one before but I knew that name very much close to my heart. Flashes of the moments we grew up with came and we smiled, we both stood there going into past and coming back again and revisiting them and suddenly someone said ‘let’s go we are getting late’.

I wonder so because I just met my life and my life just got started I think we were late but now universe knows how to take forward this love story.

Years passed and that same feeing between us remained. I found my best friend back and lucky to find my would-be in him. It’s weird but one of the best things that happened to me while I was born. It’s very strange that how powerful this love is and how often things fall into places and everything makes sense all of a sudden.

I wake up with this great feeling of having him forever , and chick talks doesn’t sound that creepy to me now, all I want is to listen to him and to stick with him even if that irritates him, or just stay around and stare him. It’s like the whole background noises are still fading away and all I could her is how we laugh when we are together. I don’t have words to explain why we laugh. I don’t know. I may never know!


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